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Recycling with the voracious “Hubert”: Feed our hungry pen monster!

Empty ballpoint pens, highlighters or felt-tip pens – usually they end up in the residual waste or in some drawer where they lie around until someone gets annoyed with them. But at Hof University of Applied Sciences, there is now the pen monster “Hubert” from the Student Environmental Initiative (SUI)! You can feed him with your empty writing material and thus make a contribution to sustainability!

“Hubert” is happy about every pen – you can find him at the snack machines in the B-Building; Image: Student Environmental Initiative (SUI)

The empty pens, highlighters or other writing materials – no matter what brand – can be disposed of in a collection box set up for this purpose. The box is located right next to the “fair divider” by the snack machines in the university’s B Building.

Proceeds go to children’s home

The collected pens are then delivered by the Student Environmental Initiative to a collection point, from where they are passed on to “TerraCycle”. The company then takes care of the recycling, so that the waste becomes a real valuable material again. But that’s not all: the SOS Kinderdorf Frankfurt Sossenheim also receives financial support from every pen collected, as the proceeds from the newly recovered recyclable materials benefit the facility

For more information on this TerraCycle project, please click on the following link: https://www.terracycle.com/de-DE/brigades/stifte-sammelprogramm

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