Change it! stud: Sustainability improvement idea wins award!

Via the online portal Change-it! Stud, students can participate directly in change management at Hof University of Applied Sciences and submit specific suggestions for improvement in certain areas. One of the ideas submitted for the summer semester 2023 and winter semester 2023/24 has now been awarded a prize. [more]

published: 29.04.2024

The “Sustain 2030” simulation game – making sustainable decisions

Sustainability is also becoming increasingly important in teaching, especially in the context of education for sustainable development. Teaching methods such as simulation games, project-based and collaborative learning are increasingly being used to convey the complexity of sustainability. [more]

published: 09.01.2024

Virtual education and training: When VR goggles help repair electrical appliances..

With "VR2epair", a new and exciting project at the Institute for Information Systems (iisys) recently celebrated its kick-off. The focus is on training supported by virtual reality, or more precisely: the repair of household electrical appliances. Project leader Prof. Dr. René Peinl explains in an interview with "campuls-digital" what exactly this is all about. [more]

published: 26.10.2023

Change it!-Stud! Improvement ideas for sustainability – for and with students!

Since the winter semester 2021/22, students at Hof University of Applied Sciences have been able to use the online portal "Change-it!-Stud" to submit concrete suggestions for improvement in specific subject areas and thus participate directly in the change management of their university (Campuls-digital reported) . Since the winter semester 2022/23, "Change-it!-Stud" has been all about the topic "Sustainability at Hof University of Applied Sciences". [more]

published: 03.05.2023

The university’s new sustainability manager: Anja Grabmeier

Sustainability is to become the principle of action in the use of resources at Hof University of Applied Sciences. Anja Grabmeier has now been introduced as the new sustainability manager in order to drive the topic forward with all her might and to develop and implement ideas. She talks to Campuls-digital about her exciting field of responsibility. [more]

published: 28.04.2023

Free continuing education: Attracting and retaining skilled workers

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular, attracting qualified employees and retaining them is an increasingly important challenge. In Forchheim, Hof University of Applied Sciences now offered free continuing education courses on this topic. Other interested companies can now register for additional dates at the university campus in Hof. [more]

published: 24.01.2023

Student Environmental Initiative: “Even small things can make a big difference!”

Doing something good for Mother Earth - that is the goal of the Student Environmental Initiative Hof e.V. (SUI). Through various activities, workshops and lectures, the total of 50 members want to contribute a small part to making the university but also the city of Hof a little more environmentally friendly, because sustainability plays a central role in the SUI. [more]

published: 06.05.2022

Recycling with the voracious “Hubert”: Feed our hungry pen monster!

Empty ballpoint pens, highlighters or felt-tip pens - normally they end up in the residual waste at some point. But at the Greentech University there is now the pen monster "Hubert" of the Student Environmental Initiative (SUI)! You can feed him with your empty writing materials and thus make a contribution to sustainability! [more]

published: 12.10.2021