Student Environmental Initiative: “Even small things can make a big difference!”

Doing something good for Mother Earth - that is the goal of the Student Environmental Initiative Hof e.V. (SUI). Through various activities, workshops and lectures, the total of 50 members want to contribute a small part to making the university but also the city of Hof a little more environmentally friendly, because sustainability plays a central role in the SUI. [more]

published: 06.05.2022

Recycling with the voracious “Hubert”: Feed our hungry pen monster!

Empty ballpoint pens, highlighters or felt-tip pens - normally they end up in the residual waste at some point. But at the Greentech University there is now the pen monster "Hubert" of the Student Environmental Initiative (SUI)! You can feed him with your empty writing materials and thus make a contribution to sustainability! [more]

published: 12.10.2021