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Save the date: The 9th EUROPA-FORUM at Hof University on October 14, 2024

At eye level in the future: Why the partnership with Latin America is so important for the EU

“The Europe Forum at Hof University of Applied Sciences has established itself as an important platform for topics relating to the European Union (EU). The 9th edition of the forum on Monday, October 14, 2024, will shed light on economic relations between the EU and the countries of Latin America – from Mexico to Argentina. Geographically, Central and South America may seem a little marginal from an arrogant European perspective; historically, culturally and economically, however, there are close ties between Latin America and Europe.

A crowd-puller at Hof University of Applied Sciences every year: the European Forum on key topics relating to Europe and the European Union; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

Even if the shadows of the colonial era cast by the Portuguese and Spanish still linger, the EU’s trade agreement with the Mercosur states of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, which is ready to be signed, shows no real progress: Latin Americans and Europeans need each other more than ever: to secure the raw materials base, to protect the climate and environment, to preserve common values such as freedom, democracy, equality and respect for international law and mutual supply chains, to achieve greater independence from the economic areas in Asia (China, India) and North America (USA).

After all, 3% of German exports go to Latin America – and the trend is rising; this corresponds to a volume of almost 50 billion euros per year. It is just as important that Europe and Germany have “value friends” around the globe, i.e. countries that share our democratic and liberal social and economic model. The 9th Europe Forum on October 14 aims to highlight commonalities, address differences and build bridges to a trusting, even closer cooperation between the EU and Latin America in the future and on an equal footing. Numerous experts are looking forward to your visit!

The event will take place on October 14, 2024 from 5 p.m. in room B023 at Hof University of Applied Sciences. Registration is already possible here…

The detailed program follows.

Prof. Dr. Peter Schäfer

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