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Simulation of cyber attacks: REHAU company cooperates with Hof University

Hardly a day goes by without a company losing millions of euros due to cyber attacks. Often, the attackers get into the network, for example, through a wrong click in an email. Phishing attacks are a major threat to companies, organizations and every individual. Although technical measures block many phishing emails directly and do not show them to users, these are not always sufficient. As a result, emails with malicious intent are increasingly entering the inbox of the respective email clients. Since June 15, 2022, REHAU has been running a new phishing simulation to increase the security awareness of its employees. In cooperation with the System and Network Security research group from the Institute for Information Systems (iisys) at Hof University of Applied Sciences, this phishing simulation will now be scientifically investigated.

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In the past, phishing simulations have often been accompanied by scientific studies. However, one point that has not yet been considered is the perception of the simulation by the users. The aim of the project is therefore to investigate the perception of the phishing simulation by the employees quantitatively and qualitatively. In this way, possible positive and negative effects as well as changes in the behavior of employees with regard to (phishing) e-mails are to be identified.

To support this study, there will be an opportunity to voluntarily participate in a survey. It will also be possible to participate voluntarily in an interview, in which certain details can be discussed in more detail and certain perceptions can be explained in more detail.

Matthias Reimert
Prof. Dr. Florian Adamsky

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