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Successes of Münchberg students: Textile designers inspire with exhibition in Nuremberg

“Success made in Münchberg” – this not only applies to the university’s graduates, who are extremely successful in their later professional lives (we recently reported on media designer Florian Fischer, who is now pursuing a career with the BMW Group). Numerous projects and cooperations already during their studies show that the know-how, expertise or creativity of our students is also in great demand. As one example, last year’s exhibition “Stoff. Exploring the Future” of the Münchberg textile design students at the Neues Museum Nuremberg, which we would like to present again in the last part of the Münchberg anniversary series.

From November 25, 2022 to January 15, 2023, the students presented an enormous spectrum of textile design in front of a large audience in Nuremberg and showed what will be possible in the future in terms of aesthetics, technology and materials and what this field can offer in terms of sustainable solutions.

The exhibited works made clear how an innovative further development of textiles is possible through creative solutions and how an interdisciplinary understanding of design can lead to future-oriented product designs and applications.
Design processes, the handling of colors, forms, surfaces and materials, the design of textile surfaces, the application of textile technologies and computer-aided design techniques became visible here.

For all those who could not be present at the successful exhibition in spring, the following picture gallery gives great insights into the creativity and innovative power of our textile designers…

Image-material: Images 1-5: Hof University of Applied Sciences; the following images are works or exhibits of the textile design students: Image 6: Anja Mayer; Image 7: Rebecca Milautzcki; Image 8: Arzu Aylin; Image 9: Maria Dietrich; Image 10: Irena Egelkraut; Image 11: Larissa Händel; Image 12: Lisa Schwebel; Image 13: Lucia Kubitschek; Image 14: Jada Marie Primus; Image 15: Talisa Langenfelder & Franziska Pöppl

Kirsten Hölzel

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