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The good soul of the university library: Rosa Kelbler celebrates service anniversary

Rosa Kelbler has been working in the library at Hof University of Applied Sciences since 1995 and is always there to help and advise students and staff. She has now been honored for her 25 years of service

Congratulating the jubilarian (front right): Dagmar Pechstein (Chancellor, 2nd from right), Jürgen Ott (Staff Council, center), Katharina Sachs (Head of Library Department, 2nd from left) and Katja Haselbach (Deputy Head of Human Resources, 1st from left); Photo: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

Rosa Kelbler was born in Kazakhstan, where she worked as a teacher, educator and also as a librarian. In the mid-1990s, however, she ventured to Germany and began working there as an employee of the university’s library. At that time, the library was still located in the civil service college at Wirthstraße 51. Rosa Kelbler was also the first employee of Katharina Sachs, who was already in charge of the library at that time

I can still remember very well the very first cohort of students – it was a challenging, but of course also exciting time for us!

Rosa Kelbler

Rosa Kelbler contributed from the very beginning and with great dedication to the necessary work of building up the library and to its continuous development. Even after 25 years, she still enjoys working in our library every day – a stroke of luck for her and for us!

Rainer Krauß
Dagmar Pechstein

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