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Women’s network celebrates 50th meeting: “A woman who demands nothing gets nothing”

No parliament in Germany comes close to 50% women – and according to one study, it will take at least another 50 years to achieve gender parity in academia. Concise figures and food for thought: These were provided at the 50th meeting of the Frauen.Stärken.Hof (FSH) network.

FRAUEN.STÄRKEN.HOF. The largest Upper Franconian women’s network celebrates its 50th meeting; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences

Equal participation

The approximately forty participating women took advantage of the various impulses from science and politics, which had been prepared under the leadership of Susanne Oppermann, Hof/Bayreuth Employment Agency. “We have built up the largest women’s network in Upper Franconia since 2014, many women got to know each other through us and are actively involved,” said Anne-Christine Habbel, who works at Hof University of Applied Sciences. “And next year we can then celebrate our tenth anniversary,” added Dr. Katharina Bunzmann from the city of Hof, who in her impulse pointed out in particular that “we need women for politics, female realities of life must play a greater role in political decisions.” The three networkers are concerned with the equal participation of women; they also emphasized the importance of making role model women visible and of targeted mentoring programs.

Network with many facets

The duo “Chanson 2.0” with Hanna Vinichuk and Bärbel Uschold provided the artistic touch to the program and brought a rhymed dedication to the women’s network as a surprise. “This was a great evening with exciting inputs and great food,” concluded one participant. The Women.Strengths.Hof network is open to all women from the catchment area around Hof. Its purpose, in addition to networking and exchange between women, is to share experiences, provide an opportunity to network and inspire each other, according to the words of Simone de Beauvoir quoted during the evening, “A woman who demands nothing is taken at her word: She gets nothing.”

Anne-Christine Habbel

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