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Four new meeting boxes at the Hof Campus offer space for meetings

For personal meetings that require quiet or as a retreat for a Zoom meeting: As of now, four new, modern meeting boxes in the university colors are available to students of the university and employees at the Hof campus for meetings. The boxes are soundproofed and equipped with a ventilation system. In addition, the glass doors are given a satin finish so that the boxes remain flooded with light while providing a degree of privacy.

The meeting boxes provide quiet and undisturbed work; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences

The idea for the boxes originated in the Faculty of Engineering during the Corona pandemic, which has now been going on for more than two years. Many students had not dared to speak freely during online lectures via Zoom, as they sat in the corridors of the university during this time and feared being overheard by everyone. The meeting boxes are funded by the project “Digitally Supported Learning in STEM in Applied, Hybrid Teaching at Presence Universities – DigihyP”.

They were built by the Blumenstein joinery from Oberböhmsdorf near Schleiz in Thuringia. The seating with which the boxes will still be equipped is being developed by students from “Textile Design” and “Design and Mobility” in a project and then additively manufactured (3D printed) at the university.

from left to right: master carpenter Olaf Blumenstein, Prof. Dr. Dietmar Wolff (Vice President Teaching), Prof. Dr. Anke Müller (Dean of the Faculty of Engineering), Prof. Dr. Marco Linß (project manager Hof MINT Steering Wheel) and master carpenter Tobias Blumenstein at the inauguration of the meeting boxes; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences

The locations of the four new meeting boxes at a glance:

  • Building A, ground floor, one box in front of and one behind the staircase
  • Building B, ground floor, one box in front of and one behind the staircase

Are you curious? Then why not try out the new meeting boxes in the coming weeks and months!

Kirsten Hölzel

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