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About the person: campuls-digital in conversation with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Müller

Task and function:
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering since January 2021

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Müller in the campaign www.professorinwerden.de

Place of birth
:Gera (Thuringia)

My professional background is…

…production engineering. After my own studies at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, I decided to go to the Leibniz University of Hannover to obtain my doctoral degree. At the Institute for Production Engineering and Machine Tools there, I headed the research departments Grinding Technology and Tailored Surfaces. After a short break for my daughter, I moved as a PostDoc to the public-private partnership model of the Open Hybrid Labfactory to research and teach there in a kind of WG together with corporations, KMUS, Fraunhofer and the TU Braunschweig.

Themost important thing for me is

…my family and, in the current situation, the health of all of us!

What excites me about my field is…

…the intersectoral necessity. All products, from Lego bricks to luxury yachts, have to be manufactured at some point. Production technology is therefore needed everywhere.

For me, being a professor means…

… for me, it means accompanying our students for part of their lives and giving them the tools for the future so that they can help shape the volatile world of tomorrow in a sustainable way.

What I expect fromstudents is…

…that they are just as involved in shaping our university landscape as our colleagues and employees. Help shape your future and that of your fellow students by actively participating in the discourse! And every now and then, camera on would be quite nice 😉

In the future

… I am curious to see how the post-Corona students feel about the university landscape when they are allowed to be present with us again. After all, that’s what makes our university so familiar and the good, approachable support so special.

What I like aboutHof University is…

…that everyone knows everyone here. All for one, one for all. We may not be quite as small as we once were, but our tranquil size is what gives us our individual character.

What I like aboutHof and the region is

…the green campus location with a view into the distance in a rather cool region, but with very warm people!

If I could study again,

…I would now study interdisciplinary, go abroad again for longer and still become an engineer again.

If I had one wish free,…

…I would use it to make three wishes:
1. Corona is over
2. we’ll go on vacation again, wherever we want
3. we’ll solve a few of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations


Rainer Krauß

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