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CHE University Ranking: Hof University with best results in computer science degree programs

The computer science degree programs at Hof University of Applied Sciences receive excellent ratings in the latest CHE University Ranking. The courses offered at Hof University of Applied Sciences achieve better marks than the national average in all assessment categories and are particularly impressive due to their pronounced contact with professional practice: in this area, all Bachelor’s degree courses at Hof University of Applied Sciences in the field of computer science are even in the national top group.

Source: Center for Higher Education Development

The weekly newspaper “DIE ZEIT” publishes the latest results of the university ranking by the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE) in its 2024/25 study guide and on the internet portal HeyStudium.de. This is one of the most renowned rankings in the field of study and therefore an important source of information for prospective students.

In addition to facts on the areas of study, teaching and research, the ranking includes students’ opinions of their universities. The results of the student survey on the general study situation are presented using a 5-star scale.

Top marks for personal support

This year, the computer science courses on offer at Hof University of Applied Sciences were put under the microscope. Students were able to rate the courses on offer and their university in a total of 15 different areas with 59 sub-aspects. The best marks were awarded in the categories “Accessibility of lecturers and support with questions and problems” and “Service and advice”, where 4.7 out of a maximum of 5 stars were achieved in each case. The general organization of studies (4.6) and the quality and availability of teaching materials (4.6) also received excellent ratings.

Nationwide leader in practical relevance

The CHE University Ranking places particular emphasis on the practical orientation of teaching: here, the practical phases, practice-oriented teaching content or the exchange with external professionals within the degree courses are analyzed. The Bachelor’s degree courses in Computer Science (B.Sc., dual), Media Informatics (B.Sc., dual) and Mobile App Development (B.Sc., dual) are in the top national group with 11 out of 12 possible points each, as is the Master’s degree course in Computer Science (M.Sc., dual).

Prof. Dr. Andrej Bachmann, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science at Hof University of Applied Sciences, on the results:

“The CHE ranking for the field of computer science shows that our students feel that they are in very good hands with us. Qualitative and detailed surveys of this kind provide welcome feedback for our work. I am particularly pleased that our efforts to provide students with an education that is as practical and career-oriented as possible have now been recognized.”

Prof. Dr. Andrej Bachmann

Background: The CHE University Ranking

Comprehensive and detailed: With around 120,000 students surveyed, the CHE University Ranking has been the most comprehensive and detailed comparison of universities in the German-speaking world for 26 years now. The complete ranking is now available digitally on HeyStudium at heystudium.de/ranking.

Rainer Krauß

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