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The guiding principle of teaching as the basis of competence-oriented teaching and testing

The mission statement of Hof University of Applied Sciences can be found on the university’s homepage. The university has set down its vision and mission in the development concept “Hof University of Applied Sciences 2030”, in which it has also already outlined the basic features of teaching and further education geared to the competence requirements in the digital world. With the amendment of the accreditation law in 2018, universities were required to have a detailed teaching and learning strategy in the form of a teaching mission statement.

Hof University of Applied Sciences has developed a mission statement for teaching and testing; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences

Such a mission statement has been developed at Hof University in a participatory manner over the past two years. In several iterations coordinated by the Vice President Teaching, Prof. Dr. Dietmar Wolff, the teaching staff, researchers and students of the university as well as the committees Faculty Councils, Senate and University Council were involved. Iterative feedback loops enabled continuous adaptation and thus took into account the opinions and know-how of the groups of people involved.

The aim of the mission statement is to provide orientation for all prospective students, students, teachers, researchers and administrative staff and to serve as a benchmark for good teaching.”

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Wolff, Vice President Teaching
Prof. Dr. Dietmar Wolff, vice president of teaching at Hof University of Applied Sciences
Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

According to Prof. Wolff, “with the teaching mission statement, we express our self-image as a university of applied sciences – teaching that is oriented toward the requirements of students, that imparts skills for the future, that has a high level of practical relevance and at the same time incorporates current findings from research.”

Building on the vision and mission of Hof University, at the core of the mission statement are the points: Learning objectives, teaching and learning methods, quality standards, dual studies, internationalization, and science and practice. The mission statement teaching thus simultaneously represents the basis of competence-oriented teaching, learning and testing at the university.

The basic framework for this competence orientation is the university’s competence matrix, which was newly developed in the course of a doctorate. Based on the competencies described there, learning objectives are defined according to the approach of “Constructive Alignment” and suitable teaching and learning methods as well as forms of examination are selected for the competencies to be taught.

Hof University of Applied Sciences thus systematically translates its mission statement for teaching into the curricula of its degree programs. The quality management system follows the values and standards of the mission statement for teaching and thus contributes to the continuous improvement of the quality of studies at Hof University of Applied Sciences.

The mission statement for teaching can be found on the quality management website..

Sina Ferfers-Heinold

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