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Cultural award winner Puranik: “Hof University is improving every day!”

Apurv Raju Puranik from Aurangabad in India earned his master’s degree in Operational Excellence at Hof University of Applied Sciences and graduated in 2021. Now he has subsequently been awarded the Bavarian Culture Prize 2022 for his final thesis. “campuls-digital” spoke to the lucky award winner.

Apurv Raju Puranik, winner of the Bavarian Culture Award in the field of science 2022; photo: Hof University;

Dear Mr. Puranik, congratulations on your success. Did you know that you were nominated for the Bavarian Culture Award?

“No, I didn’t know that Hof University had nominated me. It all came as a great surprise to me – all the greater was my joy, of course!”

What was your reaction when you found out you were receiving the award? And how did your family react?

“I was probably a bit perplexed, but in any case very surprised. At first I didn’t believe that I had been awarded. But then I was very happy and grateful. My family is also very happy about it and was of course excited and proud when they heard about it.”

Perhaps in short sentences: What exactly is your work about?

“I created an “Operational Dashboard” for a company’s production department based on the user’s requirements. In doing so, I scientifically investigated in four consecutive steps how to create a dashboard that best meets the needs of the target user. In addition, the process followed during the master’s program serves as a foundation for further dashboard projects in different production departments of the organization.”

The award winner together with university vice president Prof. Dr. Dietmar Wolff, who had supervised the thesis; photo: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

That sounds really exciting and useful. Where do you see the concrete application possibilities?

“The application of my study can be in most areas where a lot of real-time data is generated and where you can assume that this data could have an added value for the respective company – that’s then a really big field, especially in the industrial sector.”

What are your impressions of Hof and the university?

“The international degree programs at Hof University are really very well aligned with the needs of the market, which is really excellent. What I also really like about Hof University is that it is improving day by day. I am proud to be an alumni of the university.”

What are your personal plans now – what’s next for you?

“I am back in my home country. Currently, I am the director of our family business called “Mandar Print Pack Pvt. Ltd.” in Aurangabad. There we have specialized in the field of “packaging”. In future, I would like to establish our company globally.”

We wish you every success and all the best in this endeavor – and thank you for the interview!

Rainer Krauß

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