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Shaping business – at the intersection of management and digitization

“Think, act, digitalize” – the global megatrend of digitalization and the associated change processes present companies with a host of new challenges. For this reason, the need for trained professionals who can manage, coordinate and further develop digitized business areas is also increasing. Hof University of Applied Sciences is offering a future-oriented master’s degree program in “Digital Business Management” starting in the summer semester of 2022, which will provide students with the necessary digital competence for end-to-end process management and many other areas in changing companies.


“The future of many companies today is defined by their ability to digitize in a practical way and to develop innovative approaches to solutions for value creation processes,” says Prof. Dr. Günter Hilmer, head of the newly launched master’s program in Digital Business Management (M. Sc.). Many previous courses of study in the field of business administration were therefore already increasingly concerned with the future topic of digitization

The new degree program promotes a concentrated deepening of digital knowledge and skills, as well as their use in business practice.”

Prof. Dr. Christine Brautsch

She adds, “We want to train experts who understand both the technical and the economic issues of digitization in companies, who can actively shape the digital transformation regardless of industry, and who ideally also want to turn their own ideas and concepts into digital business models,” explains co-initiator Prof. Dr. Christine Brautsch.

Direct application reference

“Digital Business Management” is offered in German with some English learning modules, realizing the advantages of face-to-face events combined with state-of-the-art digital teaching methods

As a cooperation partner of the local economy and with the digital start-up center Einstein1 on our campus, Hof University of Applied Sciences naturally offers ideal opportunities to teach digital skills with direct reference to practical applications.”

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Lehmann, university president

And further: “Through its innovative orientation, the applied research reference and practice-oriented company cooperations, the new master’s program also supports the strategic goals of Hof University of Applied Sciences,” university president Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Lehmann about the new course offering, which also creates synergies with existing masters courses such as computer science, marketing management or project management.

End-to-end view

Business models are changing, entire industries are in a state of upheaval, and buzzwords such as “Big Data,” “data literacy,” “New Work,” “Internet of Things” or “AI” now permeate all areas of business. The new master’s program in Digital Business Management is therefore designed to deepen business knowledge and teach skills for actively shaping digital change. “End-to-end process management and the application-oriented agility of IT projects are the focus of the teaching,” explains Prof. Dr. Günter Hilmer

Students are given the necessary know-how and the technical and methodological skills to be able to successfully develop digital value creation processes and business models. With these skills, for example, a career as a start-up founder can also get its start.”

Prof. Dr. Günter Hilmer

Diverse career opportunities

Much of the learning content included teaches current IT technologies that can be used directly in companies. This puts students in a position to analyze processes and technologies in a goal-oriented manner and to develop precisely fitting strategic and operational measures. Possible job descriptions for graduates of the new degree program could be Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Digital Transformation Project Manager, Digital Business Developer or Digital Consultant in multinational corporations, SMEs or even public organizations. “There is no doubt that these professions are contemporary jobs with a future and perspective. A corresponding education enables an industry-independent activity in the national and international environment,” says Prof. Dr. Jens Kirchner, Dean of the Faculty of Economics at Hof University of Applied Sciences.

Source: pixabay.com

Admission requirements

Bachelor’s graduates from economics courses, but also from all other courses with certain business fundamentals, such as those in business informatics, industrial engineering and some others, can apply for the course.

The standard period of study is three semesters, and in future it will be possible to start in both the summer and winter semesters. Graduates of the new master’s program will receive the degree of “Master of Science”.

Apply now!

The “Digital Business Management” degree program will start in the summer semester of 2022 at Hof University of Applied Sciences. Further information at www.hof-university.de/studienangebot

Rainer Krauß

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