“Learning by doing”: an innovative learning method challenges students

The digitization of research and teaching is a major topic at the University of Applied Sciences in Hof. A new learning and teaching method is now taking a particularly remarkable approach. As part of the project "Sustainable Food Production in Integrated Aquaculture," students first acquire knowledge in a virtual reality, which they then have to put into practice immediately. [more]

published: 19.09.2023

Sustainability at Hof University: the campus as living space, learning space, research space and transfer space

In the future, Hof University of Applied Sciences would like to develop sustainability into one of its most important principles of action in its activities. To this end, Anja Grabmeier was recently introduced as the university's new sustainability manager. But what exactly do we mean by the term "sustainability"? To clarify this, Anja Grabmeier and Professor Dr. Manuela Wimmer have drafted Hof University's understanding of sustainability. [more]

published: 22.05.2023

The university’s new sustainability manager: Anja Grabmeier

Sustainability is to become the principle of action in the use of resources at Hof University of Applied Sciences. Anja Grabmeier has now been introduced as the new sustainability manager in order to drive the topic forward with all her might and to develop and implement ideas. She talks to Campuls-digital about her exciting field of responsibility. [more]

published: 28.04.2023

Free continuing education: Attracting and retaining skilled workers

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular, attracting qualified employees and retaining them is an increasingly important challenge. In Forchheim, Hof University of Applied Sciences now offered free continuing education courses on this topic. Other interested companies can now register for additional dates at the university campus in Hof. [more]

published: 24.01.2023

Free continuing education: How do companies attract skilled workers today?

With further training measures launched at the beginning of October as part of the "Digital Recruiting high-N" project, the Institute for Water and Energy Management (iwe) at Hof University of Applied Sciences enables small and medium-sized companies to recruit skilled workers with the help of digital recruiting and marketing measures [more]

published: 14.10.2022

Making concrete suggestions for improvements with “Change it!

Make your university even better! With "Change it!", a new portal is now online on the Hof University of Applied Sciences website, where students can now submit concrete suggestions for improvement on specific topics every semester and thus participate directly in the change management of their university. [more]

published: 01.12.2021

Water management as a solution to a question of human destiny

With a new master's degree program on sustainable water management, Hof University of Applied Sciences will be offering a qualification starting in the winter semester of 2021/22 that combines management and technical skills in a unique way, while also integrating the topics of sustainability and digitalization [more]

published: 16.02.2021

Digitalization in the water industry: meta-study WaterExe4.0 launched

In a project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) entitled "WaterExe4.0", researchers from the Institute for Water and Energy Management (iwe) at Hof University of Applied Sciences are identifying success factors for successful implementation transfer in digitization projects in the water industry [more]

published: 10.02.2021