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Free continuing education: Attracting and retaining skilled workers

In times of increasing shortage of skilled workers, it is an increasingly important challenge, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to recruit qualified employees and retain them in the company. In Forchheim, the Hof University of Applied Sciences now offered free training courses on this topic with great success. Other interested companies can now register for additional dates at the university campus in Hof.

Project staff member Christian Wagner training participants in Forchheim; Source: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

Many interested company representatives came to the Forchheim District Chamber of Crafts to learn from lecturers from Hof University about strategies and concepts for making small and medium-sized companies fit for recruiting skilled workers in the future against the backdrop of digital change. The free and state-sponsored event was fully booked, but additional dates can now be offered in Hof.

Generation change meets digitalization

The generational shift that is taking place is now meeting rapidly changing demands from employees. In addition, companies are being challenged by increasing digitalization to position themselves for the future both strategically and operationally in employer branding as well as in the areas of marketing and human resources management.”

Prof. Dr. Manuela Wimmer, Project Manager

The needs regarding the choice of career as well as company have changed, not least with the changing generations – from baby boomers to Generation Z – on the labor market. Hard factors such as salary are losing some of their weight in relation to soft factors such as flexible work locations: “Job searches are largely taking place digitally. This makes an attractive corporate image and presentation on the company’s own website, social media channels and other platforms indispensable,” continues Prof. Wimmer.

Sustainability an important criterion when choosing a company

It is expected that the demand for sustainable as well as digitally positioned companies will continue to increase with the next upcoming generation of employees, as topics such as climate change, social justice or sustainable behavior are present topics not only in consumption for the “digital natives” from childhood. “But also their parents, who are heavily involved in decision-making processes, have long been members on social media platforms and absorb information there.” And further:

Therefore, it will be crucial for SMEs to align the company even more strongly with sustainability – in terms of their own competitiveness!”

Christian Wagner, project collaborator

The aim of the training

The aim of the further training courses, which are now still taking place in Hof, is the practical teaching of skills for recruiting and retaining employees as well as for holistic sustainable corporate positioning. The project is promoted by the European social fund (ESF), which is why the participation of your enterprise in DRhochN is free of charge.

Organizational procedure

The entire further training in the program “DRhochN” lasts approx. three months and is divided into seven dates. For each key topic (operational recruiting, employer branding and sustainability), there will be one attendance date (seven hours) and one online event (three hours) at the Hof University of Applied Sciences campus in Hof. The final application module takes place in person. Participants receive a certificate of participation at the end of the course.

In the current year, 4 complete runs (starting on 01.02., 07.03, 17.04. and 04.05.23) are still offered at the Hof an der Saale location, for which interested companies can register now under

E-mail: christian.wagner.3@hof-university.de;
phone: 09281 409-5119

can register.

Rainer Krauß

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