Virtual education and training: When VR goggles help repair electrical appliances..

With "VR2epair", a new and exciting project at the Institute for Information Systems (iisys) recently celebrated its kick-off. The focus is on training supported by virtual reality, or more precisely: the repair of household electrical appliances. Project leader Prof. Dr. René Peinl explains in an interview with "campuls-digital" what exactly this is all about. [more]

published: 26.10.2023

Digital Business and Digital Administration: Study part-time – completely online!

With the two degree programs "Digital Business" and "Digital Administration", Hof University of Applied Sciences has a unique offer for all those who would like to complete a bachelor's degree while working. The lectures are completely online and take place twice a week in the evenings, so that students can easily pursue a full-time job while studying. [more]

published: 26.07.2023

Free continuing education: Attracting and retaining skilled workers

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular, attracting qualified employees and retaining them is an increasingly important challenge. In Forchheim, Hof University of Applied Sciences now offered free continuing education courses on this topic. Other interested companies can now register for additional dates at the university campus in Hof. [more]

published: 24.01.2023

Free continuing education: How do companies attract skilled workers today?

With further training measures launched at the beginning of October as part of the "Digital Recruiting high-N" project, the Institute for Water and Energy Management (iwe) at Hof University of Applied Sciences enables small and medium-sized companies to recruit skilled workers with the help of digital recruiting and marketing measures [more]

published: 14.10.2022

Hof University receives funding for further education programs

"Fit" for digital transformation - with "fit.ING", OTH Amberg-Weiden and Hof University of Applied Sciences have designed an innovative continuing education program that provides engineers and technicians with tailored and individual continuing education in the area of supply chain digitization [more]

published: 06.12.2021

Chamber of Craftsmen visits university: New cooperations under discussion

The newly formed leadership of the Chamber of Skilled Crafts for Upper Franconia (HWK) is currently making a total of 25 inaugural visits to the region. Most recently, the Hof University of Applied Sciences was on the agenda of the newly elected HWK Vice President Herpich and HWK Managing Director Dr. Sauer [more]

published: 14.07.2021