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From France to Hof and back – a report from an internship at iisys

“Hello, my name is Marc-Adrien Douvier. I’m French, I was born in Strasbourg and spent most of my childhood there. I then moved to the west of France, to Poitiers, where I now live. My first personal encounter with Germany and its culture was during my first Erasmus semester in 2019 in Marburg, Hesse. Knowing the language and the culture to some extent is of course a great advantage if you want to live in a country. But experiencing both in an everyday context at that time was partly a real culture shock. Nevertheless, I particularly enjoyed this experience. And later I came back to Germany for my master’s degree and for my mandatory internship.

Marc-Adrien Douvier talks about his experience at the Institute for Information Systems (iisys)
Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

How did I come to Hof and what am I doing here?

I am doing my three-month internship at Hof University of Applied Sciences to complete my master’s degree. I’m involved in the DIGITAL REGIONS project, but I’m helping out with a wide range of cross-cutting topics: For example, I provide support in the preparation of a funding application, establish contact with project partners, assist in the organization of events or in the advertising of projects.

The first time I was on campus at Hof, I felt fresh air and could breathe freely: it had been a long time since I had set foot on the grounds of a campus because of COVID. Moreover, at Hof University, I really liked the different areas on campus and the ubiquitous innovation

Outside of the university, I love roaming around Hof’s city center, Theresienstein Park, or around Lake Untreusee.”

Marc-Adrien Douvier

Germany and nature

In general, I find the proximity to nature in Germany very pleasant and relaxing. In France, there are pretty clear demarcations between urban and rural environments: if you’re in a city park, that doesn’t make you feel outside the city. I don’t have that feeling in Germany: when I’m in nature, even in the middle of the city, I feel like I’m outside the city and immersed in a completely natural world. That is something fascinating.

What I take away from Hof

What I take away from my experiences in the city of Hof, the projects I’ve participated in, and the contact I’ve had with my colleagues is that it is, of course, difficult at first to integrate into a new environment. Whether in everyday life or in professional life, a certain amount of adaptation is still an essential factor and I am glad that Hof has allowed me to enrich my experience.

Marc-Adrien Douvier with the Digital Regions team led by Anne-Christine Habbel and Katrin Müller (r.); Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

What I take away from the projects is that sometimes you have to find solutions and compromises for the unexpected. In areas like project management, patience, thought, organization and creativity are required.

I was always encouraged and supported by colleagues whenever I needed help. I learned that communication and teamwork go hand in hand.”

Marc-Adrien Douvier

Rather introverted and taciturn by nature, I discovered that through words, even if hesitant, or through gestures, there is always communication … and if there is a smile, it’s even better!”

Marc-Adrien Douvier

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