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8. EUROPA-FORUM: Europe and China – From Cooperation to De-Risking

For the eighth time, Hof University of Applied Sciences invites to the EUROPA-FORUM this year. This year, the focus is on economic relations between the EU and China. On October 23, 2023, the 8th EUROPA-FORUM at Hof University of Applied Sciences will shed light on how far the EU and its companies should cooperate with the Middle Kingdom without betraying their own values and losing competitive advantages. How much economic proximity to China does the EU need?

The now 8th Europe Forum at Hof University of Applied Sciences once again invites you to exciting lectures and discussions; Source: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

You can expect lectures from economy, science and journalistic perspective. The organizers ask for registration via Evenbrite.

The following program is scheduled:

17.3 p.m

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Valentin Plenk
Vice President Research and Development, Hof University of Applied Sciences


The EU and China – Where do we stand today?

Prof. Dr. Peter Schäfer
Professor of European Law, Hof University of Applied Sciences


Keynote: Dealing with China: touchstone for Germany’s ability to act

Finn Mayer-Kuckuk

Editorial Director China.Table, digital publishing house Table.Media


Dealing with China from an intercultural perspective

Prof. Dr. Dunja Stadtmann

Professor of Business Law and Head of Center for Languages and Intercultural Competence, Hof University of Applied Sciences


What are the motives for the German government’s new China strategy?

Ole Stark

Student at Hof University of Applied Sciences, International Management


The economic view on China: Opportunities and risks for companies from an Upper Franconian perspective

Michael Kretzer

Managing Director, Max Pharma GmbH


Discussion round

Moderation: Matthias Will

Head of Business Department at Frankenpost Verlag GmbH and Neue Presse Coburg


Networking with snack


End of the event

Professor Peter Schäfer, initiator of the forum, gave us his assessment of the topicality of the subject:

The European Union has largely done its internal market job: The common market works internally. In foreign trade, however, not the whole world dances to the multilateral and liberal beat of the EU. Alongside the United States, Japan and India, China in particular is becoming an important partner, but also a competitor for the European economy – from an extended workbench to a self-confident economic nation. Our dependence on the Chinese dragon is something we should discuss.”

Prof. Peter Schäfer
Katrin Müller

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