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Barcelona in heavy rain: HofSpannung Motorsport e.V. in the event summer 2022

“Formula Student” is an international design competition for students of all disciplines at colleges and universities, which involves the construction of a Formula 1-like electric racing car. As a student initiative, HofSpannung Motorsport e.V. also participates in this design competition and thus represents Hof University at various events. HofSpannung board members Lukas Töpfer and Levin Andrae report on the events during the past summer months.

Race car “Clyde” during Endurance on the race track in Barcelona; Image: HofSpannung e.V.

“This year we got the opportunity to participate in the FSS event (Formula Student Spain) in addition to our self-organized event in Schleiz and the friendship event “Zwickau meets Friends”. We thus had the chance to compete with a total of 57 other teams at the Parcmotor de Castelloli near Barcelona, from 29.08.-04.09.2022. 39 of them drove an electric bolide – like us

To emerge victorious in such events, you have to deliver the best overall package of racing performance, financial planning, design thinking and sales arguments in the various static and dynamic disciplines.”

Lukas Töpfer and Levin Andrae, HofSpannung e.V.

Formula Student Spain 2022

At the end of August, two 7.5m sprinters set off for Barcelona fully packed and with a total of six team members on board. Besides tools, a workbench, our racing car “Clyde” and a battery charger, there was a lot of luggage and provisions in the hold of the members who followed by plane. By good music, nice conversations, the one or other cold drink and a few breaks, the 1600 km journey were virtually no big deal. The provisional sleep break at the Côte d’Azur was uncomfortable, but effective. And so, after a 25-hour journey, we arrived at our destination, the Parcmotor de Castelloli near Barcelona.

Welcomed by other team colleagues on site, we worked together to set up the pit (vehicle maintenance box at race tracks) at the race track, our sleeping tents and our pavilions (including refrigerators, tables, benches, etc.) in the “social area”.

Racing bolide “Clyde” during the technical inspection at the tilt table
Photo: HofSpannung e.V.;

The next morning the competitions of the above mentioned disciplines started. Between the disciplines there were a lot of disassembling and assembling procedures, because sometimes not all attachments have to or may be attached to the car. Also smaller errors, which had been noticed during the “last” check before the acceptance, were repaired. The pit thus became the living room of the event. In the evenings we always cooked, drank, laughed and talked together in the camp. Especially interacting with other teams and getting to know new concepts was a lot of fun and could broaden some horizons.

Thunderstorms and heavy rain lead to evacuation

Unfortunately, from the 3rd day on, there were heavy thunderstorms, tropical rains and hailstorms, which surprised not only all the teams present, but also the organizers of the event. The already rather mediocre organization was completely disrupted by the flooding of the camping and social area. Due to the danger of landslides, almost 1000 people had to be evacuated in the darkness and rain. Buildings and a parking lot at the race track were chosen as the new sleeping place. After a quite cold night at the area of the race track, we were relocated to the area of another race track, which was hit by heavy rain again.

The weather was therefore rather modest, but the disciplines went well for us. Except for the mechanical inspection, we were able to pass all “Scrutis” without major defects. We also passed the mechanical inspection, but for this we had to weld an extension of the rear-impact structure to our frame. We also passed the static disciplines such as the business plan presentation, the cost report and the engineering design report.

Convincing result in the final race

Now that we had completed all the static disciplines and technical acceptance tests, the dynamic disciplines began. Here, too, we did not have to complain about any major failures. At the big highlight, the final race, the Endurance, we were able to shine. Of all the participating teams, only eight finished, including us. So the result of the event was: all disciplines and scrutineering were passed and the Endurance was completely finished among the top 8.

Race car “Clyde” during the Endurance on the race track; Picture: HofSpannung e.V

As a team we are enormously proud of these achievements and hope to be able to prove our skills at more events next year and gain even more great experiences.”

Levin Andrae
Lukas Töpfer

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