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Already high user numbers: New university android-app well received by students

About 2 months ago, a new university app for students was launched under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Walter Kern (Campuls-digital reported). It has a whole range of new features and is already enjoying great popularity at the start. The readers of Campuls-digital were also considered.

Prof. Kern, how many students are already using the new app you developed?

“Currently, there are about 700 students who have installed and are using the new app – with an upward trend. Of course, there are still some who have installed the old version and haven’t made the switch yet.”

Have you already received feedback?

“Yes, especially directly in the lectures. The app has been very well received by students here. Students’ wishes, such as customizability of the start page, have already been taken up and integrated as part of updates.

In general, there is always an attempt to take up suggestions and proposals from students and to consider them in the context of the further development of the android-app.”

Prof. Dr. Walter Kern
Developed the new university app: Prof. Dr. Walter Kern; Image: private;

Does it already show which functions are particularly popular and especially popular to use?

“That varies greatly depending on the course of study. However, the personal timetable with a link to the module handbook, the semester overview, the Mensa meal plan and also the university and Campuls news are naturally among the most popular functions.”

Are there still problems or “teething troubles”?

“No. I would just like to point out that if data retrieval via the university app does not work, you can and should switch from the university WLAN to the existing Bavaria WLAN or to the mobile network. Then everything usually works smoothly.”

The integration of our contributions from the “Campuls-digital” pleases us of course very much…

“Yes, of course we want the Campuls university news to spread in the best possible way. That’s why we’ve integrated the magazine directly on the app’s home page, and you get automatic notifications when there are new publications. That’s been well received, too.”

To download the new university app…

Rainer Krauß

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