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A father of university IT: Rolf Buchta celebrates 25 years of service

Rolf Buchta came to the still young Hof University of Applied Sciences in 1998, just four years after it was founded. Here, the native of Schauenstein now celebrated his 25th anniversary of service in the IT department. Rolf Buchta is considered to be a quiet, reliable and very conscientious colleague, as Matthias Schaller, deputy chancellor of Hof University, mentioned in his speech of thanks.

Rolf Buchta (center) with the congratulators (from left) Andrea Graf (Head of Human Resources), Sven Neupert (IT&Projects), Stephan Wülfert (Chairman of the Staff Council) and Deputy Chancellor Matthias Schaller; Photo: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

“Rolf Buchta has played a major role in building up the IT of our university as a leading head from the very beginning,” said Matthias Schaller, Deputy Dean of Hof University

He remains very difficult to replace. There is no sign of retirement in his case – he is devoting himself to his tasks as if it were a matter of passing his probationary period. Hof University has a lot to thank him for!”

Matthias Schaller

In collaboration with Holger Karl, Rolf Buchta had most recently also competently implemented the digital university elections, among other things, but also the technical implementation of the scheduling and room planning from 2005, the development of a server virtualization platform or the creation of university software such as identity management were among his biggest projects

“Not least due to the constant expansion of the university, new challenges kept coming my way. To this day, it has always been a varied job where it never got boring.”

Rolf Buchta

Rudolf – call sign Rolf – Buchta initially began his career as a technical employee and head of the language laboratory before being taken on as a civil servant after his probationary period in 2002 as a senior technical inspector. he was eventually promoted to Technical Officer in 2004 and to Technical Officer in 2020. In October 2023, he will begin his leave of absence before his well-deserved retirement.

Rainer Krauß

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