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Future plans between Hof University of Applied Sciences and Colombia – Delegation visits Hof Campus

On Thursday, November 23rd, a delegation led by the German Consul General in Colombia visited the Hof campus. The talks focused on getting to know each other and whether joint paths could be taken in the future, for example as part of a university partnership.

Gruppe der kolumbianischen Delegation von Hochschulen im Foyers des digitalen Gründerzentrums Einstein1 mit der deutschen und kolumbianischen Flagge im Hintergrund

During their trip, which was organized and conducted by Alejandro Tieck, the German Honorary Consul in Medellin (Colombia), the Colombian delegation visited various universities, research centers and government offices – one of which was Hof University of Applied Sciences.

Initial talks were held at the beginning of the year:

Our Graduate School and the International Office were represented at an education fair in Medellin in the spring. It was there that initial contact was made with the honorary consul.

Susanne Krause, Head of the International / Service / Career Department.
Susanne Krause im Digitalen Gründerzentrum Einstein1 bei einem Vortrag
Susanne Krause giving a presentation at the Einstein 1 Digital Start-up Center; Photo: Hof University of Applied Sciences

University presidents and representatives from a total of eleven Colombian universities exchanged ideas with representatives from Hof University of Applied Sciences at the Einstein1 digital start-up center on the Hof University campus.

We are very pleased that the “small” Hof University of Applied Sciences is attracting so much attention from universities around the world with its diverse activities in teaching and research. I am therefore particularly pleased that a high-profile delegation from Colombian universities is visiting us.

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Wolff, Vice President Teaching

He continues:“We hope to be able to establish partnerships with other universities in the future that are as successful as those with Indian universities. The first step towards a common future is to get to know each other personally and for our partners to see and experience what our students value so much at Hof University of Applied Sciences – the excellent, practice-oriented teaching in a familiar, modern and innovative university,” emphasizes Prof. Dr. Wolff.

There was a lively exchange on the topics of teaching, student recruitment, alumni work, research and transfer, in other words a kind of store talk among like-minded people. I took away some concrete points of contact: Great interest in our Cross Cultural Nursing Practice degree program and the exchange of young researchers between the two countries.

Prof. Dr. Valentin Plenk, Vice President Research & Development

What common interests exist between the universities? How does the German higher education system work and what strategies are the partners pursuing in the long term? These were the topics of the discussions with the international guests:


3:30 p.m

Welcome by Prof. Dr. Wolff, Vice President Teaching

3:40 p.m

Introduction of the representatives of Hof University of Applied Sciences

3:45 p.m

Presentation of Hof University of Applied Sciences to identify possible areas for cooperation.

4:15 p.m

Discussion about innovative approaches and strategies in the field of teaching

4:30 p.m

German as a foreign language (Prof. Dr. Stadtmann, Rona Mc Geoch)

Short break

17:00 hrs

Research activities at Hof University of Applied Sciences (Prof. Dr. Plenk)

5:40 p.m

Entrepreneurship (Prof. Dr. Plenk)

18:00 Connections to the economy and dual studies

Flaggen von Deutschland und Kolumbien an einem Infostand im Einstein1
Photo: Hof University of Applied Sciences

Cooperation with institutions in Colombia is another piece of the puzzle that would fit in well with Hof University of Applied Sciences’ internationalization strategy, said Prof. Dr. Plenk.

The Hof University of Applied Sciences hosted participants from the:

  • Universidad de América
  • Fundación Universitaria Juan N Corpas
  • Universidad Antonio Nariño
  • Universidad de la Salle
  • Institución Universitaria Digital
  • Universidad UPB
  • Universidad Nacional
  • Politécnico JIC
  • Universidad de Antioquia
  • Corp. Interuniversitaria de Servicios
  • Universidad de Santander

It will take some time to decide which partnerships will be established.

You can find out more about Hof University of Applied Sciences’ current partner universities here.


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