Hochschule Hof

New Bachelor’s degree program “Digital Business”: For the shapers of digital change!

The global megatrend of digitalization and the associated change processes are presenting companies with ever new and growing challenges. Hof University of Applied Sciences has designed a new course for this with the future-oriented "Digital Business (B.A.)" course starting in the winter semester 2024/25: It is aimed at young people who want to contribute to the necessary continuous development of digitalized processes and organizations and contribute business management expertise in the process. [more]

published: 25.03.2024

Search for nursing staff: Exchange with Tunisia for Master ‘Cross Cultural Nursing Practice’

Prof. Dr Matthias Drossel, head of the Cross Cultural Nursing Practice Master's degree programme, recently went on a four-day trip to Tunisia together with Michael Weiß-Gehring and Saif Abdellatif from Flegisto, who help international nurses to find work opportunities in Upper Franconia and are experts on the Tunisian region. The aim of the trip was, on the one hand, to establish cooperation in research and teaching and, on the other, to analyse the skills of the international nursing staff, in this case from Tunisia, in detail. [more]

published: 14.03.2024

25 years of public service: Prof Thomas Meuche’s anniversary

Prof Thomas Meuche has been in public service for 25 years. He currently heads the Digital Administration Competence Centre at Hof Campus. In an interview with Campuls digital, he talks about the past few years and which moment he particularly remembers. [more]

published: 04.03.2024

From Japan to Franconia: “Surprisingly, I use a lot of the content of my degree programme in daily life.”

Almost 1600 students at Hof University of Applied Sciences do not come from Germany, but from a wide variety of countries. A total of 70 nations can be found on our campus. The numbers have risen significantly in recent years. We work together with many former students on projects, and we simply keep in touch with some of them. Interview with Natsuko Podzimek, former computer science student and programmer at Siemens. [more]

published: 29.01.2024

The MakerSpace introduces itself: High-tech workshop for creative minds

The MakerSpace in the C-Building at Hof University is a professional workshop with high-tech machines, tools and software. In an interview with René Göhring, the project engineer of the MakerSpace, and student employee Lea Schmidt, we from Campuls.digital present the high-tech workshop at Hof University of Applied Sciences in more detail. [more]

published: 10.05.2022

“Capture the flag” hacker game: Think like real attackers!

The three winning teams in the "Capture the flag" hacker competition in the IT security elective module have been determined: For one week, a total of 16 students, divided into nine teams, trained the mindset of hackers and attacked real security systems. [more]

published: 18.01.2022