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Hof and surroundings: The 11 best excursion tips for the study-free period

The most important thing about studying is – of course – studying and learning. However, we at Campuls.digital believe that leisure time should not be neglected during studies. Especially on the days off, students should explore the region around the university, because “Hof – in Bavaria at the top” and its surroundings have a few great destinations to offer. We have summarized our top 11 best excursion tips for you.

The Untreusee is one of the landmarks in Hof. Whether for swimming, walking, water sports or just to relax – the Untreusee recreation area is always worth a visit; Photo: Achim Bühler

Students who want to take a trip to Hof definitely don’t need a car, because exotic animals, green oases, ruins, parks and lakes can be explored here on foot or by bike.

1. Untreusee recreation area

A visit to the Untreusee is a must for students of the Hof University of Applied Sciences. From 1976 to 1979, the reservoir was built as a leisure and recreation facility. Its quite special name comes from the Untreubach, which feeds it.

The two-kilometer-long and 700-meter-wide lake has an area of about 600,000 square meters. Water sports enthusiasts take note: almost all sports, except motor boating, are allowed on the Untreusee, so get out your surfing gear or pedal boat. Speaking of boats – once a year, always in June, the dragon boat regatta takes place on the Untreusee in Hof. A dragon boat has room for 20 paddlers, a drummer and a helmsman. Two boats manned by hobby teams then compete against each other. A spectacle for all participants and spectators, which one should have experienced absolutely. By the way: The next dragon boat regatta is on June 26, registrations are still possible.

Sporting events, such as the IfL Thriatlon, take place time and again at the Untreusee in Hof; Photo: City of Hof;

Also all jogging fans get their money’s worth at the Untreusee and the best – you can even choose the length of the course. Those who want to really push themselves choose the 6.6 kilometers. Those who want to take a more relaxed approach can do so on the shorter route around the lake with “only” 4.4 kilometers.

Those who would rather climb high will get the chance to do so in the climbing park, directly at the lake. Hidden in the treetops on 9 different courses at heights of up to 11 meters, beginners and advanced climbers can prove their climbing talent or overcome their fear of heights.

Right next to the climbing park is a basketball court and a beach volleyball court, as well as barbecue areas for relaxed barbecues with fellow students.

Germany’s only walkable labyrinth stretches for 2.6 kilometers, and all miniature golf and boules fans will also get their money’s worth at the Untreusee.

More information about the lake and the activities there can be found under the following links:

2. Theresienstein Citizens’ Park

Just a few meters walk from the city center is Hof’s green oasis – the Theresienstein Citizens’ Park. A historical park, created in 1819 and voted the most beautiful park in Germany in 2003. Amidst trees, flowers and paths, you also have a wonderful view over the city of Hof.

The Bürgerpark Theresienstein with the Thomaspavillon invites you to relax and decelerate. Photo: City of Hof;

The approximately 70-hectare recreational area invites you to take long walks to relax and unwind, at least for a short time, from the daily routine of studying. But not only, because from time to time concerts take place in the small music pavilion.

If you explore the Theresienstein a little more closely, you will come across the Labyrinth Ruin inside, an artificially created ruin including a 16-meter-high tower from which, in good weather, you can even see as far as Saxony and Thuringia.

More information about the Theresienstein Hof can be found here: https://www.hof.de/hof/hof_deu/theresienstein.html

3. Botanical Garden

Right next to the Theresienstein Bürgerpark is the Botanical Garden. established in 1929 for the teaching of natural history at Hof schools, a sea of flowers, blossoms and colors now awaits visitors to the 1.88-hectare area, as well as a fragrant medicinal herb garden, a large water feature and a fairytale fountain

An enchanted prince waits for a kiss in the Hof Botanical Garden; photo: City of Hof;

in 1994, the Botanical Garden was even part of the Bavarian State Garden Show. A little tip from us: be sure to visit in June – in the Rosarium about 100 different types of roses are blooming at the same time. An absolute color and smell experience.

Learn more about the Hof Botanical Garden here: https://www.botanischer-garten-hof.de/

4. Hof Zoo

When you are in the Botanical Garden, you often hear unusual animal sounds that you may not be able to identify at first. Here is the solution: Right next door is Upper Franconia’s only zoo. In the savannah house, which is unique in Europe, you can experience many other animals of the savannah in addition to flying birds and free-ranging white-tufted monkeys

The lively meerkats are happy about every visitor at Hof Zoo; Photo: City of Hof;

Brushtail rat kangaroos can be marveled at in the night animal house and Australian birds show their best side in the walk-through free-flight enclosure. Meerkat Timon and porcupine Pumbaa also await a visit at the Hof Zoo, as do raccoons, prairie dogs and coatis. But we don’t want to give too much away.

All information about the zoo can be found here: https://www.zoo-hof.de/

Excursion tips around Hof

But not only the city, but also the surrounding area of Hof has great excursion destinations to offer. Along the Saaleradweg, for example, there are a few stops waiting for you that you definitely have to see.

5. Lake Tauperlitz

Get your bike out and let’s go. Along the Saaleradweg you go to the first station, the Quellitzsee, also called Tauperlitzer See. The 640-meter-long and 70-meter-wide lake is a lot smaller than the Untreusee, but it still serves its purpose – you can simply switch off there and let your mind wander. This is possible on the large lawn around the lake or on the numerous seating areas. Those who want to exercise can do so on the fitness equipment that is permanently installed on the sunbathing lawn, and water sports enthusiasts don’t miss out either, because whether it’s canoeing or stand-up paddling – pretty much everything is possible here.

6. Fernwehpark Oberkotzau

From Tauperlitz, the Saaleradweg continues to Oberkotzau – and here there’s a touch of Hollywood in the air. Heino, Peter Maffay, Henry Maske, Sarah Connor and even the Dalai Lama – they have all immortalized themselves forever at Fernwehpark Oberkotzau

At Fernwehpark Oberkotzau, there’s a whiff of Hollywood in the air; photo: Fernwehpark Oberkotzau;

The sign park is a collection of place-name signs from all over the world, which wants to be understood as an international peace project. In various thematic areas, you can look at place, club and star signs, as well as the funniest and most curious place names in the world and we can promise you that there are really a few bangers.

Here you get all information about the Fernwehpark Oberkotzau: www.fernweh-park.de

7. Förmitzspeicher

From Oberkotzau, along the Saaleauen, the Saaleradweg leads via Schwarzenbach an der Saale directly to the Förmitztalsperre, also known as Förmitzspeicher. Artificially built in 1978, the reservoir is 1.2 km long and just as wide, making it even larger than the Untreusee. Especially in the evening hours, you can often admire wonderful sunsets here on the 4.5-kilometer-long circular path around the reservoir

At the Förmitzspeicher you can watch wonderful sunsets – whether from the shore or from the SUP board. Picture: Surfclub Schwarzenbach – Saale e.V.;

Bathing season is from 15 May to 15 September. In this time are also as good as all water sports allowed. Here again a little tip from us: Have a look when it’s windy and stormy – surfers and kiters show their best tricks there then. But especially in summer the Förmitz reservoir is an absolute dream for swimming, relaxing on the huge sunbathing lawn or for cheerful barbecue evenings at the fireplace.

You can find out even more about the Förmitzspeicher here: www.förmitzspeicher.de

8. Rohrbühl Münchberg

If you still feel like it, you can get on your bike and cycle from Förmitzspeicher directly to the campus in Münchberg. Even though Münchberg, with a population of around 11,000, is much smaller than Hof, it has a great charm and a 23-meter high tower, the Rohrbühl. Built as a memorial to the fallen of the First World War, visitors today, after climbing the 121 steps, have a great view of the Fichtelgebirge and the Franconian Forest from the large terrace. In good weather, you can even make out the Elster and Erz Mountains.

You can read everything about the city of Münchberg and the Rohrbühl here: www.muenchberg.de

9. Fichtelgebirge and Franconian Forest

No matter if hiking, biking or winter sports, all this is possible in the Fichtelgebirge and the Frankenwald. Both low mountain ranges are in the immediate vicinity of Hof. A visit is a must for all nature lovers.

Fichtelgebirge: The Fichtelgebirge covers an area of about 1,600 square kilometers. Most of the low mountain range extends over the districts of Hof, Wunsiedel and Bayreuth. The highest and most famous mountains are the Schneeberg (1051 m), the Ochsenkopf (1024 m), the Kösseine (939 m), the Großer Waldstein (877 m) and the Großer Kornberg (827 m). Each mountain fascinates with its beautiful hiking and biking trails. Worth a visit are the only preserved bear trap in Germany on the big Waldstein, the Alpine Coaster on the Ochsenkopf or the recently reopened Kornberghaus.

Here are more excursion tips in the Fichtelgebirge: www.fichtelgebirge.bayern

The Fichtelgebirge with a view of the Ochsenkopf. No matter what time of year – always worth a trip. Picture: F. Trykowski;

Franconian Forest: Between the cities of Kronach, Kulmbach and Hof, the Franconian Forest region stretches from the Main River along the Green Belt, i.e. the former German-German border, over an area of about 1,200 square kilometers. At 795 meters, the Döbraberg near Schwarzenbach am Wald is the largest mountain in the Franconian Forest. However, the Franconian Forest region is especially famous for its rafting. A trip on the wild Rodach in Wallenfels in the district of Kronach is an experience that you will not soon forget.

You can find out more about the Franconian Forest here: www.frankenwald-tourismus.de

10. Rosenberg Fortress Kronach

In the middle of the Frankenwald Nature Park lies the city of Kronach, which has a lot to offer students at the campus there. One of the most beautiful and largest fortifications in Europe, for example, is the Rosenberg Fortress, whose origins date back to the 13th century. Around the fortress is a great route for cycling or walking. You can also recharge your batteries on the Trimm-Dich-Pfad-der-Seele, in the heart of the fortress grove. If you want to explore the Rosenberg Fortress in more detail, you can take part in one of the guided tours. The best thing: students get discounts, of course.

All information about the city of Kronach and the Rosenberg Fortress can be found here: www.kronach.de

11. Porcelain and ice hockey town Selb

With a population of around 16,000, the city of Selb is somewhat smaller than Kronach. That doesn’t make it a cosmopolitan city, but it is definitely world-famous. Because Selb in the district of Wunsiedel is the capital of white gold – porcelain. Even today, 60 percent of European porcelain is produced in Selb. In the Porzellanikon, Europe’s largest porcelain museum, you can immerse yourself in the history and production and learn more about the life of the porcelain makers.

Turning a cup at Porzellanikon Selb; Photo: Timo Nachbar, ©Porzellanikon;

If you are more interested in sports, Selb is the place to be, as a visit to the Wolfsbau is an absolute must for all ice hockey fans. Even though the Selb Wolves are currently on summer break, the NETZSCH Arena will be shaking again by October at the latest when the Wolfpack is on the ice.

You can find more information about Selb and the activities there under the following links:

Of course, there is much more to see and discover around Hof University. In the future, we at Campuls.digital will introduce you to more destinations – so stay tuned. We already have a few leisure time tips for you here.

Franziska Brömel

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