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Get your career rolling now! – Entrepreneur exchange at Hof University of Applied Sciences

On Tuesday, May 31, 2022, more than 80 regional and national companies will present themselves at Hof University of Applied Sciences. In buildings A and B, students of our university can easily make contacts and find out about potential employers. We talked to event manager Christian Sturm about what exhibitors and students can expect.

Christian Sturm, event manager in university communications department, is looking forward to many visitors at the Unternehmerbörse 2022; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

Mr. Sturm, why should students by no means miss the Unternehmerbörse 2022?

“The Unternehmerbörse is simply a super opportunity to make contacts with future employers and thus lay the foundation for a successful career. Especially the fact that this opportunity is offered exclusively to students of our university on this day is noteworthy. While there is often a big crowd and time constraints at public events, the exhibitors here can respond to our students’ questions much more intensively. This is very beneficial to both sides.”

What is special about the Unternehmerbörse at Hof University compared to other job fairs?

“It is the largest career fair for students in the region. Many exhibitors have been regulars at the Unternehmerbörse for several years. The successful acquisition of highly qualified employees is the main reason for regular participation in our career fair.”

What do you expect from the event after two years of pandemic?

“I hope the hiatus will increase interest in meeting face-to-face with company recruiters. We observe at many events that the opportunity to be present is used very willingly and extensively, while online meetings, while a valuable technical option, are again seen more as a fallback solution. Of course, we hope to see this trend at the Unternehmerbörse as well.”

This is your first time organizing the event yourself. Hand on heart, are you a little excited?

“Of course. A new challenge is always a bit exciting and you hope that everything will go smoothly – but currently I feel more anticipation for a great and lively event!”

Thank you for the interview and good luck!

More information on the 2022 Entrepreneur Exchange is available here….

Rainer Krauß

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