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#kickstart2023 – we introduce: Multifunctional bag from the printer

With KICKSTART, Hof University of Applied Sciences has launched a funding program that starts at a very early stage of a potential start-up – with the development of ideas and prototypes. The KICKSTART teams have six months to develop their idea into an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or prototype. In the fifth episode, student Sabrina Wild has set herself the goal of developing a multifunctional bag for cyclists.

Textildesign-Studentin Sabrina Wild mit ihrer Multifunktionstasche für Fahrradfahrer:innen mittels 3D-Druck im Digitalen Gründerzentrum Einstein1
Textile design student Sabrina Wild with her multifunctional bag for cyclists using 3D printing at the Digital Start-up Center Einstein1 ; Photo: Hof University of Applied Sciences

The mission

A multifunctional bag for cyclists is to be produced using 3D printing, which consists of single-origin materials and is therefore recyclable.

How did you come up with the idea?

“As part of a student project, I created an anniversary collection for uvex together with a fellow student. I developed a bicycle bag made of textile material. The oval shape reminded me of a buoy or a tank, which is why I wanted to develop the bag further in three dimensions and made of solid material.”

Studying or working alone is very time-consuming and exhausting. Nevertheless, you are still working on developing your own start-up idea at the same time. Where do you get your motivation from?

“My parents have been self-employed since I was little and put a lot of energy and passion into their business. This has always been part of my life and I would also like to use my creative ideas to set up my own business. The KickStart program is a great opportunity for me to implement my idea as a prototype and test how realistic the step into self-employment is.”

Eine  Multifunktionstasche für Fahrradfahrerinnen aus recyclebarem Material
A multifunctional bag for cyclists made from recyclable material; Photo: Hof University of Applied Sciences

The Kickstart program is designed to promote the further development of ideas that are at a very early stage. You can receive up to 7,500 euros in financial support for this. How do you use the funding specifically?

“I use the financial support to purchase high-quality and robust materials. In addition to the 3D printing filament, this also includes all textile components.”

At the end of the six months, do you already know what you want to do next? What are your long-term goals? Are you aiming to set up a company?

“After completing my Bachelor’s degree, I’m initially aiming for a Master’s degree in Marketing & Management so that I can present and market my creative ideas in the best possible way later on and become a suitable manager. The aim is to pursue the project further as part of the Master’s course and see in which direction the product develops.”

What have you learned from the project so far? What would you like to pass on to other people interested in founding a company?

“The KickStart program is perfect for working out the idea in your head and implementing it. I would recommend anyone interested in setting up a business to just give it a go and not be afraid. As the project was also my final thesis, I worked on it alone. However, I had a lot of support from my professors and the MakerSpace. I would recommend anyone who is interested in starting a business to set up a team with whom you can also discuss small details during development and that covers all areas of expertise.”

Further information on the KICKSTART project here.

Camilla Lenz

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