“Startup Nation”: Hof University puts out feelers to Israel

Students at Hof University of Applied Sciences are exploring the country on the eastern Mediterranean on a cross-faculty excursion and immersing themselves in the successful startup scene of the "Startup Nation". The goal: to broaden their own horizons, look behind the scenes of this so complex country and learn from Israel's successful innovators. [more]

published: 19.06.2023

Students get a taste of entrepreneurship at the Entrepreneurship Summit

On the weekend of October 22-23, this year's Entrepreneurship Summit of the Entrepreneurship Foundation, a meeting of people interested in founding companies and startups, took place at Freie Universität Berlin. The Summit is one of the most important startup conventions in Germany. This year, a group of 15 students from Hof University of Applied Sciences took part for the first time. [more]

published: 27.10.2022

Studierende der Hochschule Hof besuchen Startup myriad an der Uni Bayreuth

Über den Tellerrand schauen, Inspiration tanken und die regionale Startup-Szene kennenlernen und vernetzen. Das war einer der Leitgedanken der Exkursion einer Gruppe von Studierenden der Hochschule Hof beim Startup myriad an der Uni Bayreuth, die vom Startuplab und dem Digitalen Gründerzentrum Einstein1 organisiert wurde. [more]

published: 28.04.2022

meet & eat: a new event-series to whet students’ appetites for founding a company

"Meet & Eat - Start-up your Career" - this is the name of the new event series that the Digital Start-up Center Einstein1, the Careerservice of Hof University of Applied Sciences and the Startuplab have launched. The goal: To present the wide range of offers for founders and people interested in founding a company to the students of our university - and more than that! [more]

published: 28.04.2022