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A weekend full of challenges: The “StartUp Survivalcamp” of the StartUpLab

Last weekend, the StartUp Survival Camp of the Hof University of Applied Sciences StartUpLab took place – a unique workshop that taught entrepreneurial skills in a special way: through a survival camp in nature. The venue was an idyllic wooded area near Münchberg, which offered the participants both physical and mental challenges. This was particularly enhanced by the bad weather conditions in the early hours of the morning.

Lighting a campfire without a lighter – just one of many challenges at the Startup Lab’s survival camp; image: ursus_x;

Under the guidance of Konrad Birch-Hirschfeld, founder of Survival Instincts, the students and a research assistant learned not only the basics of wilderness survival, but also valuable entrepreneurial skills. Birch-Hirschfeld, an experienced outdoor expert, led the group through an intensive program that combined hands-on exercises with theoretical knowledge.

The aim of the workshop was to get the participants out of their comfort zone and introduce them to creative problem-solving strategies and teamwork in extreme situations. From making fires and building shelters to navigating without modern aids, each activity was designed to strengthen the participants’ resilience and adaptability. These are skills that are also essential in the start-up world.

Not everything always went smoothly: at night, the participants had to flee from storms and heavy rain into a barn; photo: Camilla Lenz;

The “StartUp Survival Camp” was more than just an adventure in the wilderness. It offered the participants a valuable opportunity to get to know themselves better and develop important entrepreneurial skills. With newfound self-confidence and practical experience, the participants are now well equipped to tackle the challenges of the start-up world.

This extraordinary StartUpLab event showed once again that innovative teaching methods and exceptional learning locations can make a major contribution to the development of young entrepreneurs.

Camilla Lenz

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