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Matthias Drossel is the new Vice President of the Association of Carers in Bavaria (VdPB)

With Matthias Drossel, Professor of Applied Healthcare at Hof University of Applied Sciences, the Association of Nurses in Bavaria (VdPB) has a new 1st Vice President. Both the Presidium and the Executive Board were re-elected at a delegates’ meeting. Alongside the new President Kathrin Weidenfelder and the 2nd Vice President Michael Wetterich, Drossel is thus taking on one of the leading positions in the self-administration of nursing care, which is committed to the future of nursing care in the Free State of Bavaria.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Drossel; Source: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

Matthias Drossel on his goals in his new role:

In the current more than tense situation in the care sector, it is urgently necessary to get all professional associations and trade unions relevant to the care sector around the table as partners in order to coordinate on a functioning self-administration within the profession.”

Prof. Dr. Matthias Drossel

The plans for the first 100 days in office also include the further development, adoption and implementation of a strategy, the key points of which are already in place and which sets out the VdPB’s path for the coming years.

Prof. Drossel works at the Faculty of Interdisciplinary and Innovative Sciences at Hof University of Applied Sciences, where he heads the Bachelor’s degree course in Vocational Education in Healthcare at the campus in Kronach. He is considered a leading expert in the field of nursing and recently contributed his knowledge to a hearing of the German Bundestag on the Nursing Studies Strengthening Act (PflStudStG), with which the legislator would like to further strengthen the skills of specialist nursing, among other things. As course director, he also heads the Cross Cultural Nursing Practice (M.Sc.) course, a nursing course for international nursing staff who, in addition to gaining professional accreditation in Germany, also learn medical skills, among other things.

Further study programs are currently being prepared in order to expand the faculty’s portfolio and contribute to good care for patients and those in need of care.

Rainer Krauß

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