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meet & eat: a new event-series to whet students’ appetites for founding a company

“Meet & Eat – Start-up your Career” – this is the name of the new event series that the Digital Start-up Center Einstein1, the Careerservice of Hof University of Applied Sciences and the Startuplab have launched. The goal is to introduce the students of our university to the wide range of offers for founders and those interested in founding, to get into personal exchange and generally raise awareness for the topic of founding – also as an option for one’s own career.

Source: Hof University of Applied Sciences

The kick-off with a tour of Einstein1 took place at the beginning of April. The next meet & eat – event runs on May 3 (registrations are possible here: Registration meet & eat – Start-up your Career!Session 2 Tickets, Tue, 05/03/2022 at 1:15pm | Eventbrite). A total of four dates are planned for the summer semester. What makes this series of events special is that they will take place between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m., during the lunch break. Eating and drinking in a relaxed brown-bag atmosphere and learning something at the same time – that’s the concept. In short impulse lectures of 20 minutes or also small guided tours, the students learn more about the start-up ecosystem and the individual service offerings at the Hof University of Applied Sciences campus as well as the minds behind them, get to know inspiring founders with their very individual development stories and thus make valuable contacts

At the first meet & eat – event series, the participants were able to take a look behind the scenes of the digital startup center Einstein1. Managing Director Dr. Jens Löbus gave the students a tour of the building
Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences

“It’s also a bit about broadening horizons and recognizing options, says Startuplab project coordinator Jörg Raithel

We want to show students that startups are an interesting option for career planning, whether they start a company themselves or gain experience in one of our startups. In every respect, this is a rewarding experience.”

Jörg Raithel, Startuplab Project Coordinator

He continues, “Startups are usually not on students’ radar when looking for student jobs, internships or even when starting a job. But it’s there that the learning curve can be extremely steep, because the hierarchies there are usually much flatter than in established larger companies, students can take on responsibility much more quickly, and the range of tasks can be very broad. Having gained experience in a startup or as a founder looks good on any resume these days.” Career Service employee Johanna Franke adds

The idea of the event is also to get students out of the traditional lecture hall. In the best case, students from different courses of study meet, get into conversation with each other and recognize which ideas and potentials are slumbering in themselves and in their fellow students.”

Johanna Franke, Career Service

She enthusiastically states, “Even during the kick-off event, it was nice to observe the interest with which the students discussed their own experiences and projects with the startups but also with each other.”

There was the opportunity to talk directly with successful founders; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences

“Successful startups begin in the mind, that is, in the mindset of innovative people – and this is exactly where our new event format comes in,” Dr. Nicholas Derra, the new deputy managing director of Einstein1 since January 2022, is certain

The students think in a solution-oriented way, enjoy an excellent education and thus have ideal prerequisites for their own successful startup. Consequently, they are the potential unicorns of tomorrow, and this is exactly where we want to start and show what excellent potential there is on campus to implement the respective idea.”

Dr. Nicholas Derra, Deputy Managing Director DGZ Einstein1

He adds, “And for those who think starting their own business is too risky, we have many exciting young companies in the incubator and the ecosystem that has grown up around it that are constantly looking for new personnel; so here, too, there are very good opportunities for our students to take the first steps toward a successful career.”

The other dates are also already set – Save The Date (more info to follow):

– 03.05.2022 – Meet & Eat at Einstein1 – Presentation of the offers of the Digital Startup Center Einstein1, the Startuplab and the startup consulting at Hof University of Applied Sciences

– 24.05.2022 – Tour of the Makerspace at Hof University of Applied Sciences

– 14.06.2022 – more info to follow

Participation is free of charge – all interested parties are cordially invited. To participate in the event, prior registration via Eventbrite is required – you can find the link in the event description:

Meet & Eat – Start-up your Career! – Session 2 Tickets, Tue, 03.05.2022 at 13:15 | Eventbrite

Jörg Raithel

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