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New at Hof University – welcome to Bavaria at the top!

As of the summer semester 2022, the following lecturers have started their new tasks at Hof University of Applied Sciences:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Schnabel

The native of Gotha is 32 years old and currently lives in Kromsdorf near Weimar (Thuringia). After his training as a chemical-technical assistant with a technical baccalaureate, he completed a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and energy technology (B. Eng.), a master’s degree in the field of water and the environment and a doctorate with a focus on urban water management. Before joining Hof University of Applied Sciences, Dr.-Ing. Schnabel already taught at the University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt and at the Bauhaus University in Weimar on the topics of analytical chemistry, micro-pollutants and advanced water treatment

His area of responsibility in Hof is the professorship of Urban Water Resources Management. He was particularly enthusiastic about Hof University’s orientation as a Green-Tech University.

Clean water is a scarce resource that must be protected from anthropogenic influences. In my department, I train future professionals who will have to tackle these problems. At the same time, I can also work on solutions to these problems myself through research.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Schnabel

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Schnabel does not yet have a favorite place in Hof. However, he already really likes the Hof campus. He would also like to explore the Hof region in more detail in the coming weeks with his wife, son and dog. In addition to his family, his heart also beats for music, as evidenced by the fact that he plays guitar and bass himself.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Widmann

The 43-year-old grew up in the district of Heidenheim a.d. Brenz (Baden-Württemberg). After studying industrial electronics at the University of Applied Sciences in Ulm, his first job was with Litronic Steuer- und Regeltechnik GmbH in Neu-Ulm. After working there for two years, he moved to Siemens AG Amberg in 2006. His area of responsibility there was the development of embedded software with hard real-time requirements in the field of protection devices, always in the area of conflict between space, costs and computing time

During his 15 years of service, he completed his master’s degree in electrical engineering and information technology with a focus on embedded systems at the FernUniversität in Hagen, where he also earned his doctorate in the area of safety-related real-time systems.

Since February 15, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Widmann has been Professor of General Electrical Engineering and Integrated Hardware and Software Systems at Hof University of Applied Sciences, specializing in digital technology, embedded systems and real-time systems.

I am fascinated by the multitude of technical problems that one can encounter in our field. So you always have the challenge of finding solutions, some of them completely new.”

Prof. Dr. -Ing. Stefan Widmann

And further: “For my time at Hof University, I wish for many inquisitive students with challenging questions.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Widmann has been familiar with Hof University of Applied Sciences for many years, because virtually “next door”, at the civil service university, his wife graduated more than 10 years ago. He remembers the Theresienstein community park and the Hof Zoo from that time in particular. He will probably explore both again with his wife and son in the spring at the latest, because in addition to electronics tinkering, geocaching with the family is often on his agenda.

Franziska Brömel

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