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Prof. Dr. Thomas Meuche advises the Saxon state government on digitization

Dr. Thomas Meuche, Professor of Economics and Business Administration at Hof University of Applied Sciences, is now advising the Free State of Saxony on digitization and the organization of the public sector. For this purpose, he has been appointed to the scientific advisory board of the Strategy Commission Organization and Personnel of the Saxon State Government.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Meuche; Image: private

The commission’s task is to develop recommendations for action for the public service of the Free State of Saxony in order to meet the requirements of digitization and demography. I am very much looking forward to this exciting task!”

Prof. Dr. Thomas Meuche

In particular, the challenges and solution approaches of the digital transformation and its impact on public service employees will be addressed and elaborated.

Together with Prof. Dr. Heike Markus, Prof. Dr. Thomas Meuche is in charge of the Competence Center Digital Administration at Hof University of Applied Sciences. Its opening in March 2021 attracted nationwide attention.

Rainer Krauß

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