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“Success made in Hof”: “The university was like a family to me!” – Dr. Franz Geyer

Graduates of Hof University of Applied Sciences are highly regarded by employers and possess enormous expertise. “Campuls-digital” therefore introduces, in loose order, members of the Hof alumni network who have since made a career for themselves nationally or internationally, but who still feel a strong connection to Hof University: Dr. Franz Geyer, 41, works for the BMW Group’s Technology and Innovation Management department, where he is responsible for research and development cooperation.

Dr. Franz Geyer, graduate of Hof University and responsible for research and development cooperations at the BMW Group; Photo: private;

Dear Dr. Geyer, you now live and work in Munich. However, you graduated as an industrial engineer in Hof in 2006, the year of the World Cup. What is the first thing you remember when you look back?

Clearly: my dear fellow students, but also the good relationship I had with my professors. Looking back, my studies were like a big family. It’s a time you don’t forget, and that’s exactly how it should be.

What brought you to Hof University back then?

It was the whole package then. The low student density per professor in a still very young university, the new equipment, the friendly environment and the advantageous cost of living in beautiful Upper Franconia

How would you define your professional role today?

I’m Head of R&D Collaboration – that’s a very exciting, varied, constantly challenging and, above all, international job.

What has been the biggest challenge in your professional career so far?

That was definitely my time in Brussels. BMW had taken over the chairmanship of EUCAR (European Council of Automotive Research) just as the emissions crisis was boiling up. That was incredibly intensive and demanding, but also successful in the end. So the effort was worth it.

What advice would you give to young students?

I would say: Try out a lot in your studies, dare to do something and challenge yourself! But also let your gut decide and not only your head. Decide on your focus according to what is fun, because then the success and satisfaction will come by itself – that is my firm conviction.

What mistake would you have liked to avoid?

In retrospect, you’re always smarter. Mistakes are there to be learned from. The biggest mistake would be not to use this potential.

To what extent did your studies at Hof provide you with added value for your professional practice?

My time at Hof University of Applied Sciences gave me the opportunity to grow a lot on my own – but also as part of a team. Some situations were easier to handle with the help of my fellow students than I would ever have been able to do on my own. And when you find yourself in situations today that are similar to those during your studies, you always have a smile on your face – because together it was always fun.

What was your best memory of Hof University?

There were several nice moments, e.g. when difficult exams had gone well. I think of many a party, but also of excursions and certain situations in the corridors. I organize an annual reunion for my ex-college classmates. Looking back, the biggest highlight is probably that we still get along so well and never get tired of living it.

How do you benefit from the Alumni Network at Hof University and would you recommend it?

Honestly, when I was a student at Hof, I didn’t even know what an alumni network was. But when I heard about it, it was clear to me that I wanted to be a part of it. Of course, you should look ahead, but you shouldn’t forget where you came from. With the alumni network in Hof, that works very well. There are always nice contacts or events and you can talk about everything.

What personal goal would you still like to achieve?

I have a wife, two children and a dog. I enjoy my work and I also have a few hobbies as well as good friends. I think I have already arrived. My personal goal is to stay healthy, not to lose my fun and to do the best for my family and my environment.

Thank you very much for the interview!

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