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Take part! Be part of it! Have fun! Girls’ & Boys’ Day on 25.04.2024

On Girls’ & Boys’ Day, school pupils have the opportunity to spend a day getting a taste of the world of work in companies, universities and research centers throughout Germany. This is intended to help them discover their own interests.

Hof University of Applied Sciences is once again taking part in the nationwide Future Day this year and is inviting interested girls and, for the first time, boys in grades 5-9 to Girls’ and Boys’ Day at its Hof, Kronach and Münchberg campuses on Thursday, April 25, 2024. The girls and boys can expect a varied workshop program. Some places are still available.

On this day, the schoolgirls can experience how exciting and interesting scientific, technical and technology-related professions are and the schoolboys can gain insights into professions and study subjects in which only a few men have worked to date.

Girls’ Day 2024, Hof and Münchberg sites

Girls’ Day at the Hof and Münchberg sites starts at 9.00 a.m. and 4 workshops are offered at each location. In Hof, for example, the girls will build a solar water mill, learn how to program a robot or explore the topics of AI and 3D printing. At the Münchberg site, the schoolgirls will produce their own soap using joint experiments in the chemistry lab or develop their own pattern variations for a scarf, which will then be produced on a hand knitting machine in the machine hall.

Boys’ Day 2024, Kronach and Münchberg sites

Boys’ Day will also take place on Thursday, 25.04.2024. The boys can look forward to two exciting workshops at the Kronach and Münchberg sites on the topics of “Smart home for people with various disabilities” and “Discover the textile location Münchberg”. The workshops start in Kronach at 11.30 am and in Münchberg at 12.30 pm.

Hof University of Applied Sciences has places for a total of 50 schoolgirls and 18 schoolboys on Girls’ and Boys’ Day at its Hof, Kronach and Münchberg campuses. It pays to be quick!

More details on our website. Registration is only possible online at https://www.girls-day.de/Radar or https://www.boys-day.de/boys-day-radar

Impressions of Girls’ Day 2023

Kirsten Hölzel

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