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Three-year vocational training successfully completed

Congratulations! Conny Kerekesch and Julia Kolb are two more trainees at Hof University of Applied Sciences who have successfully completed their three-year training period. Conny Kerekesch learned the profession of a specialist for media and information services (specialization: library), Julia Kolb can now call herself an IT specialist (specialization: system integration)

In addition to the university’s human resources department, instructors Kerstin Simanski and Björn Hertkorn also congratulated the two graduates on completing this stage of their lives. Both had taken a lot of time to provide the two young women with a sound education and thus pave the way for a successful professional future. “For this in particular, our thanks go to Ms. Simanski and Mr. Hertkorn. Without their enduring and committed support, it would not be possible to teach our trainees the necessary skills. We are very pleased that Ms. Kolb and Ms. Kerekesch have been so successful in this. We wish them both all the best for their future careers,” says Katja Haselbach from the Human Resources Department at Hof University of Applied Sciences

from left to right: Julia Kolb, trainers Björn Hertkorn and Kerstin Simanski, and Conny Kerekesch.

While Conny Kerekesch is now pursuing a degree in information science at the Stuttgart Media University, Julia Kolb will remain at Hof University of Applied Sciences in IT Service.

We wish her all the best for the future!

Katja Haselbach, Human Resources Department Hof University of Applied Sciences

Rainer Krauß

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