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“Is there enough smiling?” – the podcast team of the Hof University of Applied Sciences

The Forschende Hochschule has its own podcast: The Webtalk of the Forschende Hochschule Hof with Anne-Christine Habbel – to be found on all common portals and always provided with the hashtag #hierwirdknallhartgeforscht. Today we would like to introduce the team behind the podcast:

The podcast team from left: Katrin Müller, Anne-Christine Habbel and Ben Deufel; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

Editing and moderation

Started as a trial balloon by Anne-Christine Habbel, the Webtalk has become a permanent format. As the responsible editor, the head of research marketing prepares the topics, thinks up the questions and then invites the scientists to talk. Most of the time, the recording of the Webtalk takes place at the Institute for Information Systems.

Editorial support

Katrin Müller, research assistant at iisys, is responsible for the editorial support: Are the questions correct, was no question forgotten, is the intonation ok and is there enough “smiling”? The smile is important because you can actually hear it. It is easier to speak with a smile, and it is also easier to hear. There is a large poster in the recording room for this purpose.

Technology and images

Ben Deufel has been responsible for this since episode #7. He provides the technology, prepares, gives tips during the recording and cuts out the many “Ähs” and “Öhs” that accumulate in the course of the conversation. Then the music is added and the twenty-minute episode is finished. Ben studies media informatics and works as a research marketing assistant.

The podcast can be found on all common platforms, e.g. here

Katrin Müller

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