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WOMEN.STRENGHTHEN.HOF with the “fastest talking porcelain lexicon” on the road

After 2017, there was now a second visit from the network FRAUEN.STÄRKEN.HOF to the Porzellanikon in Selb. After a welcome by Anne-Christine Habbel from Hof University of Applied Sciences, Director Anna Dziwetzki, a new executive at the museum since February 2020, presented Porzellanikon’s new marketing strategy: “We have chosen a new color language,” said the art historian, and went on to tell how she finally came to Selb after holding various positions in Germany and abroad.

Important stations were Italy, the Städel Museum as well as the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt and the exhibitions “Imperium Konfikt Mythos. 2000 Jahre Varusschlacht” as well as the “terra mineralia”. Furthermore, she presented the events of the Porzellanikon planned for 2022 to the approximately twenty women from the most diverse regional organizations.

Afterwards, curator Petra Werner, introduced as the “fastest talking porcelain encyclopedia north of the Alps”, took the group of visitors on her exciting guided tour of the special exhibition “More than bricks”. Among other things, this is about the use of architectural elements made of clay or ceramics that are used in buildings.

There was a lot of networking both during the tour and at the subsequent get-together in the Old Firing House with a new caterer.

Who has interest in the initiative women.strengths.yard, can announce itself with anne-christine.habbel@hof-university.de.

Frauen.Stärken.Hof is a network that was founded in 2014 by representatives of the city of Hof, the Bayreuth-Hof Employment Agency and Hof University of Applied Sciences. Read more here: https://www.iisys.de/images/allgemein/veranstaltungen/Frauen.Stärken.Hof_Stand211216.pdf

Link to events at the porcelain museums in Selb and Hohenberg: https://www.porzellanikon.org/ausstellungen/

Anne-Christine Habbel

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