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“Digital Lotse Wasser” offers digital solutions for water management

With the new online platform https://www.digital-lotse-wasser.org, Hof University of Applied Sciences aims to record and publicize modern digitization solutions for the German-speaking water industry. According to the researchers, only about 10 percent of the available digital aids are currently being used in the utility industry. The reason for the lack of acceptance of the technology is often simply a lack of information about available solutions, functions and advantages.

Source: bitzinger Gmbh

The “Digital Lotse Wasser” platform developed by Hof University of Applied Sciences aims to eliminate the information deficit in the long term. The website offers a comprehensive database for digitalization solutions in the water sector, making it easier for municipalities, researchers and providers to find the information they need:

Our database is organized by categories, applications, technologies, providers and best practices, and provides a clear overview of the current state of digitization in the water sector.”

Prof. Günter Müller-Czygan, Project Manager
Prof. Günter Müller-Czygan; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

New research results available online

In addition to the database, the “Water Pilot” also provides access to key research findings from the WaterExe4.0 and DigiNaX meta-studies completed at Hof University of Applied Sciences. “These were conducted to understand the challenges and success factors of digitalization in the water industry. They provide valuable insights into the reasons for the current reluctance to adopt digital solutions and the success factors in projects that have already been implemented,” explains Prof. Müller-Czygan.

Positive examples from the industry

In addition, the new platform also focuses on linking the industry: users, researchers and service providers will find the opportunity to network and present their work to a wider audience. “Anyone who registers on the portal can, for example, submit a description of a digital solution or project on a standardized form and publish it as a best-practice example,” the project manager continues. He continues, “With the Digital Lotse Wasser platform, it’s never been easier to find the information you need and present your own digital solution.”

Register now!

Everyone who works in the German-speaking water industry and is interested in the benefits of digitalization is invited to participate. Everyone can find useful information here. But to present your own digital solution, you have to register on the platform and thus become an active part of a community that is committed to digitization in the water sector. The platform will be constantly expanded and improved in the future, according to those responsible.

Rainer Krauß

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