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Hypertext project with Kronach law firm enters second round

The JuraLink project started in July 2021 in cooperation between the Wittmann law firm in Kronach and the Visual Analytics research group of the Institute for Information Systems (iisys). In the first phase of the project, the partners worked on analyzing potential use cases in the law firm. In addition, an application in the form of a plug-in for web browsers was developed and tested by the Kronach project partner. After the successful completion of the first project phase, the partners extended the cooperation. JuraLink II started in January 2022.

Hypertext – one of the subject areas of the “Visual Analytics” research group at the Institute of Information Systems at Hof University of Applied Sciences; Source: Hof University of Applied Sciences

Hyperlinks for knowledge management

The second project phase now focuses on linking legal texts and other documents that are part of the daily business of lawyers. The World Wide Web offers an important working environment for information retrieval, synthesis and communication. However, due to current technical standards, web browsers are very limited in their ability to link information ad hoc. Many users therefore come up with “workarounds”, such as storing web addresses (URIs) in separate documents so that they can be called up again at a later date. In these decentrally stored files, the team members may also add their own notes. If other team members visit the web pages, they do not have access to the created web addresses or the created notes. Effective, subtle sharing of information within teams is thus greatly impeded.

Information is structured, made newly accessible and stored

As part of the JuraLink project, software components are being developed and tested that enable employees to link information directly in the web browser with just a few mouse clicks. Text passages can be selected at will, annotated with the user’s own thoughts, or linked to other information across Web pages. In contrast to the usual “links” on the web, it is possible to use any number of endpoints, i.e. to link any number of information units (e.g. web pages) with a single hyperlink. The resulting structures can, for example, summarize subject areas or juxtapose controversial information. Users can follow the user-defined hyperlinks as usual with simple mouse clicks.

With this technology, it is possible for lawyers to add structures and notes directly to web pages (legal texts, etc.), which are then immediately visible to colleagues there and can be used. This creates effective communication between team members without having to leave the web browser.

The software components developed in the JuraLink project enable a new, user-centric way of structuring information. This creates knowledge that would not otherwise be permanently available.”

Prof. Dr. Claus Atzenbeck, Head of the “Visual Analytics” Research Group
Prof. Dr. Claus Atzenbeck; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences

Daniel Urban, research associate in the “JuraLink” project adds

With the JuraLink plugin, a separate link structure can be built that is decoupled from the actual link structure of the web.”

Daniel Urban

Networking in the Kronach region

The “Man Machine Interface” or “Mensch-Maschine-Schnittstelle” research center, which was established in 2014 to strengthen the region, is aimed specifically at companies in the Kronach area.it mediates and promotes research project ideas, among other things, with a university budget from the budget of the Free State of Bavaria. Interested companies can get to know the possibilities of the research center through direct contact or through the association Innovations-Zentrum Region Kronach e.V., for example at its events in Kronach, such as the IZK Entrepreneurial Breakfasts, or the IZK Cyber Tuesday

Our common goal with Hof University of Applied Sciences is to help companies and institutions advance through collaboration around leapfrog innovations in the field of digitization and the use of technology ”

Hendrik Montag-Schwappacher, Managing Director Innovations-Zentrum Region Kronach e.V.

If you are interested in projects with Hof University of Applied Sciences that are funded through the Kronach Research Center, companies and employees of the university can find more information here

If you are interested in IZK events and inclusion in the invitation distribution list, please contact the Innovation Center.

Katrin Müller
Lisa Eidloth

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