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Inquiry: What is a “Hiwi” and what are the advantages?

The abbreviation Hiwi stands for “auxiliary scientist” and covers three categories of student jobs: student assistants, research assistants and student employees. These are students who are employed by a university on a temporary basis during their studies

The possible field of employment of a student assistant is characterized by diverse and demanding activities, which are often also in a concrete connection to the respective study and the contents taught there.

The typical tasks of a student assistant include, for example:

  • Student advising
  • Supporting scientific activities in research and teaching
  • Collaboration in research projects
  • Extensive research work

Employment as a Hiwi also has some advantages:

  • You get additional practical experience besides the theory from the lectures
  • You gain insight into the work of a scientist or researcher
  • You establish contacts with professors, doctoral students and research assistants
  • Due to flexible working hours and short commutes, you can integrate the job well into your university life
  • You show additional commitment during your studies
  • And much more…

If we could arouse your interest in a Hiwi position, then inform yourself right away about open positions at your university and get your own picture of the daily routine and the advantages as a Hiwi.

Here you can find more general information about a job as a Hiwi…

Lukas Bäuerle

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