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“International Conference on Textile Science and Engineering” in Bangladesch

Organized by the Faculty of Textile Chemical Engineering of Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX), the 2nd International Conference on Textile Science and Engineering (ICTSE) took place in Dhaka, Bangladesh. At the two-day International Conference on Textile Science and Engineering, the core topics for 2024 were textile processing, sustainability and circular economy.

Gruppenfoto bei der International Conference on Textile and Engineering
Photo: Michael Rauch

One of 43 speakers was Prof. Dr. Michael Rauch from the Münchberg campus of Hof University of Applied Sciences, who spoke on the topic of “Sustainability is the future of textile business” and informed the media during his stay about the “Innovative approach for sustainable disperse dyeing of polyester using NIR technology”.

NIR radiation can be generated using conventional electricity or green electricity.

Prof. Dr. Michael Rauch, lecturer in textile finishing and sustainability

He adds: Hot air in drying and fixing processes, which is generated using fossil fuels, can be replaced by NIR technology.

Prof. Dr. Michael Rauch bei der International Conference on Textile Science and Engineering am Redepult stehend
Photo: Hof University of Applied Sciences

The conference took place directly on the BUTEX campus, with which Hof University of Applied Sciences is now involved in several projects, such as HELD and MOU. The two universities have been working together for six years. From Tuesday to Friday, Prof. Michael Rauch also traveled to other locations – all of them in the greater Dhaka area of Bangladesh.

In addition to sustainability, saving water and energy, the international participants also presented the use of natural resources as a new research movement in the industry: “They showed plant-based colorants and finishing products as well as mineral pigments,” adds Prof. Dr. Michael Rauch.

BUTEX Gebäude in Bangladesch
Photo: BUTEX

These study options in the field of textiles are available at the Münchberg campus:

Prof. Dr. Michael Rauch
Carolin Richter

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