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#kickstart2023 – We introduce: Biometh – methanation, biogas, biomethane, reactor

With KICKSTART, Hof University of Applied Sciences has launched a funding program that starts at a very early stage of a potential start-up - with the ideas or prototype development. The KICKSTART teams have six months to develop their idea into an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or prototype. In our third episode today, we introduce the team "Biometh". [more]

published: 10.10.2023

Funding: EU funds to strengthen know-how transfer to companies

Hof University of Applied Sciences receives a total of around EUR 1.4 million in funding from the REACT-EU initiative. The program thus supports a targeted transfer of scientific research findings to industry and thus contributes to a sustainable and crisis-proof positioning of companies [more]

published: 03.11.2021

Child and studies: As a young family at university – what is it actually like?

It can be particularly challenging when students suddenly become parents and have to organize their family alongside their studies and first career steps. Lukas Spotka and his wife Ruth Lugemba Mvula have experienced just that. As students on the Master's degree course in International Project Management, they are a couple. [more]

published: 23.01.2024

Cooperation agreement signed with Universidade de São Paulo

A new cooperation agreement with the Universidade de São Paulo was recently signed during the International Teaching Week. At Hof University of Applied Sciences, the agreement will initially affect the Faculty of Engineering. We were able to talk to Dean Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Müller and Prof. Dr. Christoph Koch, who maintains good contacts with the USP and is the initiator of the cooperation, about the goals of the agreement. [more]

published: 17.05.2023

Free continuing education: How do companies attract skilled workers today?

With further training measures launched at the beginning of October as part of the "Digital Recruiting high-N" project, the Institute for Water and Energy Management (iwe) at Hof University of Applied Sciences enables small and medium-sized companies to recruit skilled workers with the help of digital recruiting and marketing measures [more]

published: 14.10.2022

Energy crisis: Will homes and college stay cold in the upcoming winter?

Everyone is talking about the shortage of gas and the rapidly rising energy prices. But how do they assess the current situation at Hof University of Applied Sciences and what measures are being taken here? Campuls-digital" talked about this with Prof. Dr. Tobias Plessing and Dr. Andy Gradel from the Institute for Water and Energy Management (iwe) as well as Josef Martin and Peter Kemnitzer from the university administration. [more]

published: 13.09.2022