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Double rapier weaving machine for the development of three-dimensional fabric structures

With the acquisition of a double rapier weaving machine with single motor control (UNIVAL technology) from the company Stäubli Bayreuth GmbH, a new option for fabric production will be available at the Münchberg Campus from the end of 2020

The new double rapier weaving machine at the Münchberg Campus; Photo: Stäubli GmbH

It allows the production of three-dimensionally reinforced structures also from highly brittle fibers – such as carbon and ceramics – as well as from novel natural fibers. Possible applications for such fabrics include aerospace, lightweight construction, protective clothing, automotive as well as construction and architecture.

Technological edge and unique selling proposition

The variably adjustable shed geometry for each warp yarn and the creation of complex movement profiles ensure gentle processing of highly brittle high-performance fibers into complex, near-net-shape components with load-oriented reinforcement architecture. Furthermore, the technology allows the production of multilayer fabric structures as well as spacer textiles, thus opening up a broad research and application potential.

Research work in the fields of aerospace, turbine technology and programmable textiles

In ongoing projects, employees are researching new types of materials with extraordinary properties as part of the Fraunhofer “Programmable Materials” cluster

Turbine research at the Münchberg campus; Image: iStock.com/the_guitar_mann

The aim is to use textile manufacturing processes, in particular weaving, to generate geometries in order to achieve functions such as the automatic adjustment of flow patterns or auxetic material behavior (when stretched, they expand transversely to the direction of stretching). The new facility will also be used to develop textile semi-finished products and preforms for use in aircraft engines, turbines, personal and fire protection, and novel architectural components.

Corinna Anzer

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