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Friederike Oehler wins young talent award for digital excellence

With the “Annual Multimedia Award 2024” , one of the most important prizes for young digital talent goes to a student at Hof University of Applied Sciences this year. Friederike Oehler, who is currently in her 5th semester of Communication Design at the Münchberg campus of Hof University of Applied Sciences, was honored for her work in the “Digital Storytelling” seminar.

Award winner Friederike Oehler, student in the Communication Design course;
Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

The independent Annual Multimedia Award is one of the most important and oldest digital competitions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since its foundation in 1996, the competition has demonstrated and supported the vitality of digital brand communication. It documents the “state of the art”, highlights digital trends and illustrates the digital creative year. This year’s competition was open to entries in a total of sixteen categories.

The award-winning project on the topic of “Utopia” was the result of Friederike Oehler’s examination of the development of time. She shows what it could be like if people did not align themselves with the physical clock, but with their biological, inner clock. She explores the question of whether this could serve as a counterbalance to the frequent excessive demands of modern society. The project was implemented in the form of a dynamic website with extensive animations that illustrate the history of the origin of time and the significance of the “inner clock”.

Prof. Norbert Diedrich, Head of the Communication Design course at the Faculty of Interdisciplinary and Innovative Sciences at Hof University of Applied Sciences, is delighted for his student:

‘As the Annual Multimedia Design Award is included in the creative ranking, which is important for the creative industry, the award should be highlighted as particularly important. I am particularly pleased that a piece of work was awarded that was created in the third semester and is not a final thesis. Friederike Oehler has done a remarkable job here.”

Prof. Norbert Diedrich

Of a total of 82 prizes for projects in the field of digital communication and creation, eight went to university projects this year. The publication “Annual Multimedia 2024” presents the award-winning cases and the creative minds behind them.

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