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Change it! stud: Sustainability improvement idea wins award!

Via the online portal Change-it! Stud, students can participate directly in change management at Hof University of Applied Sciences and submit specific suggestions for improvement in certain areas. One of the ideas submitted for the summer semester 2023 and winter semester 2023/24 has now been awarded a prize.

Formular am Smartphone des Verbesserungsmanagements Change it Stud! mit Hand
Photo: Hof University of Applied Sciences

Proposal on the topic of sustainability

In the summer semester 2023 and winter semester 2023/24, the focus was once again on specific proposals relating to the topic of “Sustainability at the university”. Among the many interesting submissions was the winning proposal from Lena Erhardt, a student on the Bachelor’s degree course in Industrial Engineering and Management: “Recently, the buses from the city center to the university and vice versa have often been very full at peak times – despite the partial use of two buses. Therefore, a portal would be conceivable in which students who drive from the city center to the university by car could enter that they are driving and when and how many seats they have. Students who usually travel by bus could also register there if they want to travel.”

Adds Lena Erhardt, who is currently completing her internship semester in Hong Kong:

“I’m very pleased that the suggestion has been well received!”

Lena Erhardt, student
Lena Erhardt, Studierende Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, stehend draußen im Portrait
Lena Erhardt, industrial engineering student; Photo: private

She adds: “Of course, the idea should also be put into practice. The first step is to develop the project concepts for the ‘Virtual Carpooling Bank’ in collaboration with students from the four Bachelor’s degree courses in the Faculty of Computer Science at our university as part of the ‘Interdisciplinary Software Development Project’ course led by Prof. Dr. Sven Rill.”

The implementation options for another proposal from the summer semester 2023 are also currently being examined. This involves improving the indoor climate in the library at the Münchberg campus.

Campus der Hochschule Hof mit Teich und A-Gebäude im Sommer
Photo: Hof University of Applied Sciences

Two further proposals were received in the summer semester 2023 and winter semester 2023/24. One was the “installation of photovoltaic systems on the “balconies” in the A and B buildings” and the other was “charging facilities for student laptops in lecture halls”. Unfortunately, these two interesting proposals cannot be implemented directly as part of Change-it! Stud due to their complexity and the extensive infrastructure measures involved. However, the ideas are by no means off the table: the university has decided to take up the proposals again elsewhere and pursue them further. “It is important to us to find sustainable and future-oriented solutions for our university together with our students and to put them into practice,” says Christina Bartsch. And further:

We would like to thank all the students who took part in Change-it! Stud for their commitment and creative suggestions.

Christina Bartsch, Improvement Management

Change-it! Stud will also continue to focus on the topic of “sustainability at the university”. “Together, we are working to make our university greener and more technologically advanced,” say the organizers. Stay tuned and continue to support us on this path to a sustainable future! More information about Change-it! Stud can be found here.

Suggestions for improvement can be submitted using this form.

Christina Bartsch

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