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“Success made in Münchberg”: With buttermilk to the BMW Group – Florian Fischer

In the series of successful graduates of Hof University of Applied Sciences, we introduce Florian Fischer to our readers today. He studied Media Design (B.A.) at the Münchberg location from October 2018 to March 2022 and now earns his living as a User Interface Designer at the BMW Group. In the interview, the native of Nuremberg by choice reveals the remarkable story that connects him to Münchberg.

Florian Fischer’s job is to design the user interface of BMW navigation systems;
Image: private;

Mr. Fischer, it wasn’t that long ago that you graduated from Hof University of Applied Sciences. What has happened since then?

“That’s true on the one hand, of course, but on the other hand, the last year really brought a lot of changes: in the first few months after I graduated, I worked as a freelancer and did some work for the start-up Avanera in Augsburg, among others. But then also very quickly came the change to my current employer. Here, my focus is on designing the user interface and the associated user experience of navigation systems for BMW and Mini vehicles.”

What do you think of first when you look back on your student days?

“The countless hours I spent at the university with my fellow students, even after class hours, putting the finishing touches on our design projects. That was a beautiful and also very motivating time.”

How did you experience studying in Münchberg?

“I found the studies very varied, as the focus was very much on practical work and exploring different design approaches and design tools. In addition, the university is characterized by very dedicated lecturers who really ensure that the teaching is designed with the future in mind.”

The special thing is certainly that the campus is located in a small town, but one that has a great past and rich tradition to offer, especially in terms of design. Everyone feels committed to that as well.”

Florian Fischer

What’s also very special is the family atmosphere due to the manageable number of students and, last but not least, of course, the Franconian attitude to life!”

As a student, are you really aware of the long tradition of on-site education and how do you experience it?

“Absolutely. This was a given for me anyway, since part of my family comes from Upper Franconia – so you are naturally aware of the history in relation to the textile industry even before you start studying. On site, I was also reminded of the town’s heyday, especially by the historic buildings.”

Are there any anecdotes related to your studies that you can relate?

“Oh yes, there is already something I will probably remember for a very long time. I once had the special task of painting the windows of the university building in Münchberg with lettering – this was to be done with buttermilk at the request of the lecturer. The unusual means of design and the large number of large windows soon proved to be an almost impossible task for me. Only with the support of two fellow students was it possible to complete the job with an appealing result. However: The work did not impress with a good scent mark, neither during its creation nor in the days afterwards – to put it mildly!”

…one can vividly imagine…

“Yes, but ultimately this story was emblematic of studying in Münchberg in the best sense: you were always encouraged by the lecturers to experiment with any means of design – embedded in a family environment where helpfulness and teamwork were always paramount. Fortunately, I am in contact with a number of fellow students who have become close friends during my studies.”

Florian Fischer with his girlfriend Anni on a hike in Lanzarote; photo: private;

What did her studies prepare her for particularly well?

“For the way of working in a design team, as there is a lot of emphasis on teamwork in the studies. With regard to my current job in a corporation, it would only have been an advantage if the subject of design management had still had a higher hour quota.”

Any tips for current students?

“Definitely: you should use the basic studies to try out a wide variety of design disciplines in order to be able to identify your own strengths early on. This then makes it much easier to specialize or focus on a design domain later on.”

Thank you very much and all the best!

Rainer Krauß

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