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Optimization of the construction industry: major project in Hof district

Great success for Hof University of Applied Sciences, the district of Hof and the LGA Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern: Together with nine other partners, they were selected in the GAIA-X funding competition to carry out a groundbreaking project that will create digital data standards for the entire construction industry - reliably and with data sovereignty [more]

published: 12.07.2021

Collaborative funding for higher education: Artificial intelligence helps learning

With the funding initiative "Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education", the federal and state governments are supporting artificial intelligence at a total of 81 universities. The joint project "HAnS" (University Assistance System), in which Hof University of Applied Sciences is involved, will receive funding of five million euros. [more]

published: 07.07.2021

Computer voices – hardly distinguishable from the human original!

Especially for visually impaired people, computer applications that read texts aloud are already a great help in everyday life. The Institute for Information Systems is conducting a study to research the acceptance of artificially generated voices and is developing its own models. [more]

published: 30.03.2021