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“Science meets Industry”: More environmentally friendly production with bioplastics!

The transition from a petroleum-based economy to sustainable production based on renewable raw materials is one of the megatopics of the 21st century. Due to huge amounts of plastic waste in nature and the world’s oceans as well as the responsibility towards future generations, science, companies and politics feel obliged to contribute to a solution of the environmental problem. At the Institute for Applied Biopolymer Research at Hof University of Applied Sciences (ibp), headed by Prof. Michael Nase, sustainable solutions based on bioplastics are being developed for this purpose

Source: Hof University of Applied Sciences

At a digital symposium on March 03-04, 2021, current findings and innovations from science and industry will now be presented to the public.

Targeted exchange

With the two-day symposium Bioplastics – Science meets Industry, which takes place as part of the knowledge transfer project BiopolyMEHR, Hof University of Applied Sciences wants to create a framework in which companies, institutes, research centers and interested parties from the plastics and recycling industry can inform themselves about the latest trends and results from science and practice. According to the organizers, the aim of the symposium is the targeted exchange between research and industry.

Keynote speaker from WWF Germany

The talks will focus on presentations and discussions on the main topics of synthesis, processing, application as well as degradation of bioplastics. The organizers have been able to secure Dr. Bernhard Bauske from WWF Germany, among others, as the keynote speaker. Other well-known speakers include Dr. Friedrich von Hesler from the Bavarian Bioeconomy Expert Council and Dr. Gabriele Petereck from the Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. (Agency for Renewable Resources). In addition, current research results will be presented in an entertaining way within the framework of a so-called “Science Slam”.


The program of the meeting is under https://www.ibp-hof.de observable. Interested parties can still register there free of charge for participation until March 02, 2021.

The knowledge transfer project “BiopolyMEHR” is supported by the European Social Fund ESF, the Upper Franconia Foundation and the Freunde und Förderer der Hochschule Hof e.V..

Rainer Krauß

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