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Bayern Mentoring takes off again: Lots of exchange between “tandems”

With seven so-called tandems, consisting of female students from Hof University of Applied Sciences and mentors from the business world, the Bayern Mentoring Program has started the 2021/ 2022 round. At the kick-off event in October, the tandems were able to get to know each other for the first time. A refreshing talk by the Women’s Representative Prof. Dr. Margarete Blank-Bewersdorff and the First Mayor of the municipality of Leupoldsgrün Annika Popp introduced the event. Later, there were great finger food platters and stimulating conversations between the participants.

Still in the old year, a variety of events took place as part of Bayern Mentoring – including a well-attended bowling evening; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

After the kick-off event, the first meetings of the tandems took place on their own: During a feedback round with the mentees, the following feedback was received, among others: “I’m very happy to be part of BayernMentoring, which is not least due to the fact that you have assigned me a really great mentor.” How nice!

Exchange between the “tandems”

Then, in mid-November, another event for the participants of Bayern Mentoring was able to take place in Präsenz. The scientific assistants of the women’s representative went bowling with the mentees and mentors. Here, there was also an increased exchange between the various tandems. There was no winner, but apparently some secret sports talents were present.

Online quiz evening as a finale

Before the tandems were released for their well-deserved Christmas vacations, the team of women’s representatives organized another pre-Christmas quiz evening – this time via Zoom, since the coronalage was already more tense again. Questions were asked from a wide range of categories, from travel to farm to Christmas. At first, the teams were evenly matched, an exciting neck-and-neck race. Team Penguin” finally managed to beat the opposing “Team Raccoon” and got hold of an online escape room as a reward. The creators of the Miroboard quiz, Anna Krukova and Jan Schilling, were highly praised by the participants

Online, but not without fun: the quiz evening organized by women’s representative Prof. Dr. Margarete Blank-Bewersdorff as part of the Bavarian Mentoring Program; Image: Hof University of Applied Sciences;

The first phase of the BayernMentoring round was successfully completed. We are curious, which presence meetings will be permitted the new year – the Orga team is however always prepared also for on-line alternatives.

Lisa-Marie Lederer

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