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Democracy conference “Europe – we have the choice” at Hof University

Which values and laws are important? Where are there currently potential conflicts in Europe? What are the opportunities and challenges of the system? At the event “Democracy Conference: Europe – we have a choice” on Thursday, May 30, 2024, in the Audimax of Hof University of Applied Sciences, more than 130 citizens came together to share their experiences. Speakers from academia and business provided information during various short presentations and a subsequent panel discussion.

Dr. Franziska Dornig am Redepult stehend  beim Europaforum der Hochschule Hof
Dr. Franziska Dornig; Foto: Hochschule Hof

In the foyer of Hof University of Applied Sciences, guests were able to see an exhibition on the European elections from 6 pm. The subsequent event, the Europe Forum, held in the Audimax, focused on the opportunities and benefits of EU membership on the one hand and the political challenges on the other. At the same time, it was also the “Day of the Basic Law”, the values of which were examined in more detail by lecturers Prof. Dr. Martin Wachovius and Prof. Dr. Peter Schäfer.

On behalf of the Partnership for Democracy in the City of Hof, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the really successful cooperation event in the Audimax, which in the end became a real “democracy conference” – both in terms of content and form!

Dr. Franziska Dornig, Protestant Education and Conference Centre in Bad Alexandersbad

For Dr. Franziska Dornig, the focus was on political examinations of the EU and conflicts in Eastern Europe. She adds: “My personal highlight was the discussion round at the end, which offered a fresh perspective on the topic from the outside with humor and amusement.”

Gruppe sitzend mit Shantall Marucia Cisneros Saldana vom Institut für Informationssysteme (iisys), Juan Jesús Vázquez Campos (International Office) und Gowtham Buvalli Chikkathammaiah (iisys) beim Europaforum
Gesprächsrunde beim Europaforum; Foto: Hochschule Hof

Dr. Franziska Dornig, Christina Hechtfischer, Dr. Andy Gradel, Shantall Marucia Cisneros Saldana, Juan Jesús Vázquez Campos and Gowtham Buvalli Chikkathammaiah also provided new impetus at the European Forum. The evening was hosted by Marcel Auermann, editor-in-chief of Frankenpost.

The event was funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth as part of the federal “Live Democracy!” program.

Valentin Dalkowski
Carolin Richter

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